SèrieSpiritual Sword Lectureship

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The Living Messages of the Books of the New Testament per Garland Elkins 36 exemplars1976
The Living Messages of the Books of the Old Testament per Garland Elkins 26 exemplars1977
God demands doctrinal preaching per Thomas B. Warren 26 exemplars1978
The Home As God Would Have It, and Contemporary Attacks Against It per Thomas B. Warren 12 exemplars1979
The Church, the Beautiful Bride of Christ per Garland Elkins 27 exemplars1980
Some modern cults, sects, movements and world religions. per Garland Elkins 11 exemplars1981
The Sermon on the Mount per Thomas B. Warren 20 exemplars1982
The Book of Romans (The Eighth annual spiritual sword lectureship) per Garland Elkins 20 exemplars1983
The Book of Ephesians per Garland Elkins 8 exemplars1984
A Homiletic Commentary on the Book of Genesis per Garland Elkins 5 exemplars1985
The Book of Colossians per Garland Elkins 7 exemplars1986
The Book of Philippians per Thomas B. Warren 10 exemplars1987
A Homiletic Commentary on The Book of Matthew per Thomas B. Warren 4 exemplars1988
The Book of Mark: Jesus--the Servant of Jehovah, a Homiletic Commentary (Spiritual Sword Lectureship, Fourteenth Annual) per Jim Laws 7 exemplars1989
The Scheme of Redemption per Robert Milligan 15 exemplars1990
There was a man named Job per Jim Laws 10 exemplars1991
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: 17th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship per Jim Laws 12 exemplars1992
The Restoration: The Winds of Change: Eighteenth Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship per Jim Laws 10 exemplars1993
Women to the Glory of God: The Nineteenth Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship per Jim Laws 10 exemplars1994
God's amazing grace per Jim Laws 6 exemplars1995
The Inspiration of the Bible : Spiritual Sword Lectureship per Jim Laws 9 exemplars1996
The Church: The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against per Jim Laws 8 exemplars1997
The Book of Revelation per Jim Laws 6 exemplars1998
S. S. '99-Then Cometh the End per Jim Laws 4 exemplars1999
The all-sufficiency of the Bible : twenty-fifth annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship per Gary McDade 3 exemplars2000
26th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship: the Glory of Preaching: Passing the Torch per Gary McDade 6 exemplars2001
The authority of the Bible per Gary McDade 5 exemplars2002
So great salvation : a textual and topical treatment of the book of Hebrews for the church today per Gary McDade 10 exemplars2003
The foundations : Spiritual Sword Lectureship 2004 1 exemplars2004
The Gospel of John: The Gospel of Belief per Gary McDade 4 exemplars2005
Restoring the New Testament Church per Gary McDade 6 exemplars2006
S. S. '07-Lift Up Your Eyes per Gary McDade 2 exemplars2007
S. S. '08-Deuteronomy: Moses' Masterpiece per Gary McDade 3 exemplars2008
Lead Me to Calvary per Gary Colley 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya2009
The God of Our Fathers per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2010
Power Packed Parables per Gary Colley 3 exemplars2011
Forever Settled in Heaven (2012 Spiritual Sword Lectures) per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2012
In Times Like These per Gary Colley 2 exemplars2013
39th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Great Bible Portraits of the Old Testament per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2014
40th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Great Bible Portraits of the New Testament per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2015
41st Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Eternal Security per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2016
42nd Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Pressing Toward the Mark per Gary Colley 2 exemplars2017
King of Our Lives: The 2018 Spiritual Sword Lectures per Gary Colley 2 exemplars2018
44th Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Opening the Windows of Heaven per Gary Colley 1 exemplars2019
45th Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Bring Them In per Bradley Smith 1 exemplars2020
45thth Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship: The Book of James- a Roadmap for Christian Living per Bradley Smith 2 exemplars2021
47th Spiritual Sword Lectureship: Powerful Passages of the Pentateuch per Bradley Smith 2 exemplars2022


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