SèrieShire Album

343 Obres Popularitat 4,110 (1,824 Membres) 4,682 Llibres 38 Ressenyes 3.7
Vintage farm machines per John Norman Thatcher Vince 3 exemplars1
Fire Marks per John Norman Thatcher Vince 4 exemplars2
Canals and canal architecture per John Vince 2 exemplars3
Old Farm Tools [Shire Album] per John Norman Thatcher Vince 4 exemplars4
Old British livestock per John Vince 5 exemplars5
Bottles and bottle collecting per Alfred Alexander Charles Hedges 18 exemplars6
Haunted houses per Andrew Green 13 exemplars7
Canal barges and narrowboats per Peter L. Smith 10 exemplars8
Pillow lace and bobbins per Jeffery Hopewell 62 exemplars, 1 ressenya9
Old farm buildings per Nigel Harvey 15 exemplars10
The village wheelwright and carpenter per Jocelyn Bailey 16 exemplars11
Inn signs per Cadbury Lamb 11 exemplars12
Sailing Barges (Shire Library) per Martin Hazell 16 exemplars13
Railway Architecture (Shire album) per F.G. Cockman 12 exemplars14
Beam Engines per T. E. Crowley 13 exemplars15
Thatch and thatching per Jacqueline Fearn 33 exemplars16
Shire Album 17: Traveling Fairs per David Braithwaite 1 exemplars17
Craft pottery per Thomas Plowman 1 exemplars18
Old horseshoes per Ivan George Sparkes 6 exemplars19
Domestic Bygones per Jacqueline Fearn 51 exemplars20
Fields, hedges and ditches per Nigel Harvey 9 exemplars21
Curious England per Eileen Preston 9 exemplars22
Shepherding Tools and Customs per Arthur Ingram 16 exemplars23
The village blacksmith per Jocelyn Bailey 17 exemplars24
Woodland craftsmen per Ivan George Sparkes 4 exemplars25
Farms and farming (Shire album ; no. 26) per Nigel Harvey 2 exemplars26
Occupational costume and working clothes, 1776-1976 per Avril Lansdell 19 exemplars27
The Village Cooper per Kenneth Kilby 12 exemplars28
Dairying bygones per Arthur Ingram 11 exemplars29
Samplers per Pamela Clabburn 76 exemplars30
Fisherman Knitting per Michael Harvey 49 exemplars, 1 ressenya31
The Victorian Ironmonger per Cecil A. Meadows 18 exemplars32
Mills and mill wrighting per John Vince 5 exemplars33
Old Poultry Breeds per Fred Hams 16 exemplars35
Water Supply (Shire Album) per Peter Naylor 3 exemplars36
Clay Tobacco Pipes per Eric G. Ayto 21 exemplars37
Needlework tools : a guide to collecting per Eleanor Johnson 52 exemplars38
The heavy horse per Edward Hart 8 exemplars39
The Country Animal Doctor per Arthur Ingram 2 exemplars40
Old Garden Tools per Kay N. Sanecki 10 exemplars41
Stationary Steam Engines per Geoffrey Hayes 14 exemplars42
Spinning and Spinning Wheels per Eliza Leadbeater 110 exemplars, 1 ressenya43
Weights and Measures per J. T. Graham 10 exemplars44
The Drovers per Shirley Toulson 8 exemplars45
Smocks per Maggie Hall 36 exemplars46
Street furniture per Henry Aaron 11 exemplars, 1 ressenya47
Vintage Tractors (Shire album) per Charles L. Cawood 3 exemplars48
Old Stationary Engines per David W. Edgington 10 exemplars49
Woodworking Tools per Philip Walker 39 exemplars50
Rope, Twine and Net Making (Shire Library) per Anthony Sanctuary 25 exemplars, 1 ressenya51
Jet Jewellery and Ornaments per Helen Muller 30 exemplars52
Harness Horse (Shire Album Series No. 53) per Edward Hart 3 exemplars53
Writing Antiques per George Mell 21 exemplars54
Scales and balances : a guide to collecting per J. T. Graham 7 exemplars55
The Victorian Professional Photographer per John Hannavy 9 exemplars56
Beadwork per Pamela Clabburn 46 exemplars, 1 ressenya57
Fashion Accessories per Eleanor Johnson 17 exemplars58
Corkscrews and bottle openers per Evan Perry 10 exemplars59
Board and Table Game Antiques (Shire Library) per R. C. Bell 8 exemplars60
Village and Town Bands (Shire album) per Christopher Weir 4 exemplars61
The Potteries per David Sekers 17 exemplars62
The Cotton Industry per Chris Aspin 52 exemplars63
Ironworking per W.K.V. Gale 16 exemplars64
Gas lighting per David Gledhill 8 exemplars65
Shire 66 Album Smoking Antiques per Amoret Scott 10 exemplars66
Victorian Tiles per Hans Van Lemmen 13 exemplars67
Fire Engines (Shire album) per Trevor Whitehead 2 exemplars68
Chains and Chainmaking per Charles Fogg 4 exemplars69
English Windsor chairs per Ivan George Sparkes 12 exemplars70
Needlemaking per John G. Rollins 23 exemplars71
Brewing and breweries per Maurice Lovett 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya72
Steel Ship Building (Shire album) per Fred M. Walker 2 exemplars73
Trees, Woods and Forests (Shire album) per Nigel Harvey 2 exemplars74
Bricks and Brickmaking per Martin Hammond 26 exemplars, 1 ressenya75
Straw and Straw Craftsmen per Arthur R. Staniforth 15 exemplars76
Shawls per Pamela Clabburn 36 exemplars77
Straw Plait per Jean Davis 9 exemplars78
Trade tokens of the industrial revolution per JIM NEWMARK 3 exemplars79
The Victorian Chemist and Druggist per W. A. Jackson 33 exemplars80
The Woollen Industry per Chris Aspin 65 exemplars81
The Collier (Shire album) per A.R. Griffin 8 exemplars82
Glass and Glassmaking per Roger Dodsworth 25 exemplars83
Old Sewing Machines per Carol Head 19 exemplars84
Lead and Leadmining per Lynn Willies 13 exemplars85
Old Trade Handcarts per Gerry Backhouse 2 exemplars86
Nailmaking per Hugh Bodey 9 exemplars87
Ayrshire and Other Whitework per Margaret Swain 38 exemplars88
Whales and Whaling (Shire Album no.89) per Arthur G. Credland 1 exemplars89
Cricketing Bygones per Stephen Green 12 exemplars90
Old lawn mowers per David G. Halford 6 exemplars91
Baskets and Basketmaking per Alastair Heseltine 21 exemplars92
Follies per Jeffery W. Whitelaw 29 exemplars93
Old Buses per David Kaye 7 exemplars94
Cidermaking per Michael B. Quinion 25 exemplars, 1 ressenya95
Thimbles per Eleanor Johnson 31 exemplars96
Blue and White Transfer-Printed Pottery per Robert Copeland 26 exemplars97
Corn Milling per Martin Watts 12 exemplars98
Firegrates and Kitchen Ranges per David J. Eveleigh 20 exemplars99
Agricultural Hand Tools per Roy Brigden 18 exemplars100
Patchwork (Shire Albums) per Pamela Clabburn 14 exemplars101
Toy Soldiers per James Opie 8 exemplars102
Textile Machines per Anna P. Benson 38 exemplars103
Carnival Glass (Shire Album) per Raymond Notley 5 exemplars104
Clay and Cob Buildings (Shire Library) per John McCann 14 exemplars105
Coins and Minting (Shire Albums) per Denis R. Cooper 11 exemplars, 1 ressenya106
Laundry Bygones per Pamela Sambrook 18 exemplars107
Lost trade routes per Shirley Toulson 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya108
Ships Figureheads (Shire Albums) per M. K. Stammers 6 exemplars109
Herbs and Herb Gardens per Jill Davies 19 exemplars111
Veteran Motor Cars per Michael E. Ware 2 exemplars112
Clogs and Clogmaking per Jeremy Atkinson 8 exemplars113
Dry Stone Walls per Lawrence Garner 43 exemplars, 1 ressenya114
Falconry: Art and Practice, Revised Edition per Emma Ford 40 exemplars115
English Drinking Glasses, 1675-1825 per L. M. Bickerton 17 exemplars116
Wig, Hairdressing and Shaving Bygones per Gail Durbin 7 exemplars117
Rare Breeds per Lawrence Alderson 54 exemplars118
Framework Knitting per Marilyn Palmer 25 exemplars119
Goss and Other Crested China (Shire album) per Nicholas Pine 5 exemplars120
Tennis, Squash and Badminton Bygones per Gerald Gurncy 3 exemplars121
Buttonhooks and Shoehorns per Sue Brandon 9 exemplars122
Old working dogs per David Hancock 6 exemplars123
Early Electrical Appliances (Shire Library) per Bob Gordon 6 exemplars124
Ploughs and Ploughing (Shire Library) per Roy Brigden 5 exemplars125
Crochet per Pauline Turner 12 exemplars126
Fancy Dress per Anthea Jarvis 10 exemplars127
The Country Garage (Shire Library) per Llyn E. Morris 6 exemplars129
Tunbridge Ware per Margaret A.V. Gill 7 exemplars130
The Victorian Sailor per David Marcombe 7 exemplars131
Candle lighting per David J. Eveleigh 13 exemplars132
Flax and Linen per Patricia Baines 74 exemplars133
Textile Printing per Hazel Clark 17 exemplars135
Billiards and Snooker Bygones (Shire Library) per Norman Clare 6 exemplars136
Toy Steam Engines per Bob Gordon 5 exemplars137
Mauchline Ware per John Baker 9 exemplars140
Parian Ware per Dennis Barker 2 exemplars142
Traction Engines (Shire album) per Harold Bonnett 7 exemplars143
Hydraulic Machines (Shire Albums) per Adrian Jarvis 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya144
Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways per Ian Dean 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya145
Vintage Motor Cars (Shire Album) per Bill Boddy 5 exemplars146
Old trams per Keith Turner 8 exemplars148
Church Monuments per Brian Kemp 13 exemplars149
The London Taxi (Shire Library) per G N Georgano 9 exemplars150
Classic Motor Cars (Shire Library) per Jonathan Wood 2 exemplars151
The MG per F. Wilson McComb 20 exemplars, 1 ressenya152
Steam Cars (Shire Album) per Richard J. Evans 1 exemplars153
Looms and Weaving per Anna P. Benson 52 exemplars, 1 ressenya154
Shoemaking per June Swann 29 exemplars155
British Sheep Breeds per Elizabeth Henson 40 exemplars157
Canal architecture per Peter L. Smith 8 exemplars158
Charcoal and Charcoal Burning per D.W. Kelley 9 exemplars159
Old Telephones per Andrew Emmerson 12 exemplars161
Pressed Flint Glass. Shire Album Series No. 162 per Raymond Notley 6 exemplars162
Scottish Knitting per Helen Bennett 18 exemplars164
Steamboats per M. K. Stammers 3 exemplars167
Early Plastics per Sylvia Katz 10 exemplars168
Magic Lanterns per Derek Greenacre 13 exemplars, 1 ressenya169
Early Bicycles per Nick Clayton 8 exemplars173
Sundials per Christopher St. J.H. Daniel 27 exemplars176
Old Cooking Utensils per David J. Eveleigh 26 exemplars, 1 ressenya177
Delftware Tiles (Shire Library) per Hans Van Lemmen 27 exemplars179
Austerity Motoring 1939-1950 per Andrew Lane 4 exemplars183
Church Tiles of the Nineteenth Century (Shire Album) per Kenneth Beaulah 14 exemplars, 1 ressenya184
Early Vehicle Lighting (Shire Library) per Peter W. Card 5 exemplars185
Naval Cannon (Shire Albums) per John Munday 9 exemplars186
Old Delivery Vans (Shire Album #187) per Nick Baldwin 6 exemplars187
Old Letter Boxes per Martin Robinson 13 exemplars188
Scottish Coins (Shire Albums) per Donald Bateson 1 exemplars189
Scottish Coins (Shire Library) per Donald Bateson 7 exemplars189
Scottish Doocots (Shire Album) per Tim Buxbaum 10 exemplars190
Scottish Pottery per Graeme Cruickshank 7 exemplars191
The Silk Industry per Sarah Bush 45 exemplars194
The Cutlery Industry per Peter Smithurst 6 exemplars195
The Jaguar (Shire Albums) per Andrew Whyte 4 exemplars196
Motoring Costume per Andrew Lane 7 exemplars197
The Rolls-Royce (Shire Albums) per Jonathan Wood 7 exemplars198
London Street Markets (Shire album) per Debra Shipley 3 exemplars202
London Theatres & Concert Halls (Shire Album 203) per Debra Shipley 4 exemplars203
Gentlemen's Dress Accessories per Eve Eckstein 26 exemplars205
Church Memorial Brasses and Brass Rubbing per Leigh Chapman 11 exemplars206
Early Armoured Cars (Shire Library) per E. Bartholomew 9 exemplars209
Scent Bottles per Alexandra Walker 7 exemplars210
Spoons, 1650-1930 (Shire album) per Simon Moore 4 exemplars211a
Spoons 1650-2000 per Simon Moore 7 exemplars211b
Bellfounding per Trevor S. Jennings 11 exemplars212
Dovecotes (Shire Library) per Peter Hansell 11 exemplars213
Dummy Boards and Chimney Boards per Clare Graham 12 exemplars214
Old Trolleybuses per David Kaye 13 exemplars, 1 ressenya215
Optical toys per Basil Harley 5 exemplars216
Playing Cards and Tarots per George Beal 7 exemplars217
Triumph Sports Cars (Shire Albums) per Graham Robson 4 exemplars219
Four-Wheel Drive and Land Rover (Shire album) per Nick Baldwin 4 exemplars221
Penknives & Other Folding Knives per Simon Moore 5 exemplars223
Pomanders, Posies and Pot-pourri (Shire Album) per Jessica Houdret 7 exemplars224
The Volkswagen Beetle (Shire album) per Jonathan Wood 7 exemplars226
Spectacles, Monocles and Lorgnettes per D. C. Davidson 14 exemplars227
The Aston Martin (Shire album) per Alan Archer 4 exemplars228
Dyeing and Dyestuffs per Su Grierson 20 exemplars229
Church Misericords and Bench Ends per Richard Hayman 30 exemplars230
Fire Fighting Equipment (Shire album) per Brian Wright 2 exemplars232
Industrial Steam Locomotives per Geoffrey Hayes 9 exemplars235
Lime Kilns and Lime Burning per Richard Williams 9 exemplars236
Funicular Railways per John Woodhams 4 exemplars240
Handbells (Shire Album Series, No. 241) per Trevor S. Jennings 3 exemplars241
Tiled Furniture (Shire Albums) per Hans Van Lemmen 4 exemplars242
Fans per Helene Alexander 28 exemplars243
Staff Cars (Shire Albums) per David Fletcher 2 exemplars245
Embroidered Stuart Pictures per Margaret H. Swain 28 exemplars246
Calculating Machines and Computers (Shire Albums) per Geoffrey Tweedale 6 exemplars247
Constructional Toys (Shire album) per Basil Harley 9 exemplars248
Decorative Leadwork per P. M. Sutton-Goold 10 exemplars249
Cast Iron per Jacqueline Fearn 10 exemplars250
Four-poster and tester beds per Ivan George Sparkes 9 exemplars253
Walking Sticks per Catherine Dike 11 exemplars256
London Inn Signs per Dominic Rotheroe 6 exemplars257
Snuff (Shire Albums) per Ursula Bourne 11 exemplars, 1 ressenya258
Airships per Patrick Abbott 13 exemplars259
Old Gramophones and Other Talking Machines (Shire Library) per Benet Bergonzi 10 exemplars260
Stables and Stable Blocks (Shire Album) per Christopher Powell 8 exemplars261
The Victorian Farmer per David J. Eveleigh 20 exemplars262
Mazes per Adrian Fisher 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya264
Motor-car mascots and badges per Peter W. Card 3 exemplars265
Dolls' Houses per Halina Pasierbska 15 exemplars271
Early Electric Trains (Shire Albums) per R. L. Vickers 6 exemplars272
Table Settings per Robin Emmerson 9 exemplars275
Wallpaper (Shire Albums) per Clare Taylor 8 exemplars276
Morris Minor (Shire Library) per Ray Newell 13 exemplars277
Icehouses per Tim Buxbaum 14 exemplars278
Minton: The First Two Hundred Years of Design & Production per Joan Jones 10 exemplars279
Pewter per Charles Hull 7 exemplars280
Road Rollers (Shire Library) per Derek A. Rayner 3 exemplars281
The Rover (Shire Library) per George Mowat-Brown 5 exemplars282
Keys: Their History and Collection per Eric Monk 23 exemplars283
Turnpike Roads per Geoffrey N. Wright 19 exemplars283
Royal Cars (Shire Albums) per James D. McLintock 4 exemplars284
Amusement Machines per Lynn F. Pearson 3 exemplars285
Hat Pins per Eve Eckstein 13 exemplars286
Jugs per R. K. Henrywood 6 exemplars287
The Vauxhall per Peter Hull 3 exemplars288
Lustreware per Michael Gibson 8 exemplars290
The Bentley (Shire Album) per G N Georgano 2 exemplars292
Old Radio Sets per Jonathan Hill 14 exemplars295
European Swords per Stephen Bull 17 exemplars, 1 ressenya298
The Mini (Shire Library) per Jon Pressnell 6 exemplars299
Canal Arts and Crafts per Avril Lansdell 9 exemplars300
Welsh Country Furniture (Shire Albums) per Richard Bebb 7 exemplars301
The Victorian Schoolroom per Trevor May 31 exemplars, 1 ressenya302
Telephone Boxes (Shire Album) per Neil Johannessen 12 exemplars303
Copeland per Vega Wilkinson 3 exemplars306
Embroidered Georgian Pictures per Margaret Swain 22 exemplars307
Old Medical and Dental Instruments per David Warren 15 exemplars308
Lighthouses per Lynn F. Pearson 26 exemplars312
Automatic Vending Machines (Shire Album) per Colin Emmins 5 exemplars316
Binoculars, Opera Glasses and Field Glasses (Shire Albums) per Fred Watson 3 exemplars317
Church fonts per Norman J. Pounds 4 exemplars318
Table Knives and Forks per Simon Moore 8 exemplars320
The Wolseley (Shire Albums) per Nick Baldwin 5 exemplars322
Tatting per Pam Palmer 25 exemplars, 1 ressenya323
Toy Steam Accessories (Shire Library) per Marcus Rooks 5 exemplars324
Electric Vehicles (Shire Album 325) per G N Georgano 2 exemplars325
Ambulances (Shire Album 328) per Chris Batten 2 exemplars328
The Victorian Printer (Shire Albums) per Graham Hudson 8 exemplars329
The Victorian Undertaker per Trevor May 54 exemplars, 1 ressenya330
Anniversary clocks per Peter Wotton 5 exemplars331
Mechanical Music per Kevin McElhone 14 exemplars333
The Victorian Workhouse per Trevor May 45 exemplars334
Silhouettes per Kevin McSwiggan 3 exemplars335
Old Television (Shire Library) per Andrew Emmerson 8 exemplars337
The Victorian Domestic Servant per Trevor May 57 exemplars338
Walled Kitchen Gardens per Susan Campbell 33 exemplars339
British Pigs per Val Porter 8 exemplars340
Pargeting (Shire Album) per Tim Buxbaum 9 exemplars341
Working Oxen per Martin Watts 5 exemplars342
Sweets and sweet shops per Laura Mason 3 exemplars344
Coal Mining (Shire Album) per G. Hayes 6 exemplars349
The Victorian Soldier per David Nalson 14 exemplars352
Steam Shovels (Shire Library) per Peter Manktelow 5 exemplars355
The Victorian Hospital per Lavinia Mitton 27 exemplars, 1 ressenya356
Old Cinemas per Allen Eyles 13 exemplars357
Military Barracks (Shire Library) per Trevor May 11 exemplars358
Sentimental Jewellery per Anne Louise Luthi 27 exemplars366
Biscuit Tins per Tracy Dolphin 4 exemplars372
British Tea & Coffee Cups per Steven Goss 21 exemplars377
Ceramic Water Closets (Shire Library) per Munroe Blair 5 exemplars379
Medieval Tiles per Hans Van Lemmen 43 exemplars, 1 ressenya380
The 1930s Home per Greg Stevenson 30 exemplars, 1 ressenya381
Buttons per Alan Meredith 6 exemplars382
British Campaign Medals 1815-1914 per Peter Duckers 16 exemplars384
Portable Writing Desks per David Harries 8 exemplars388
British Tin Glazed Earthenware per John Black 3 exemplars390
Bathroom Ceramics (Shire Album) per Munroe Blair 2 exemplars391
British Cattle per Val Porter 8 exemplars392
British Campaign Medals 1914-2000 (Shire Album) per Peter Duckers 9 exemplars393
Mausoleums (Shire Album) per Lynn F. Pearson 9 exemplars396
Shell Houses and Grottoes (Shire Library) per Hazelle Jackson 15 exemplars398
The Home Front per Guy de la Bedoyere 14 exemplars400
Milestones per Mervyn Benford 12 exemplars401
Studio Glass 1960-2000 per Graham McLaren 2 exemplars403
Piers and Other Seaside Architecture per Lynn F. Pearson 14 exemplars406
Aynsley China (Shire Album) per Frank Ashworth 0 exemplars408
The British-Indian Army, 1860-1914 (Shire Album) per Peter Duckers 10 exemplars412
British Chimney Sweeps: Five Centuries of Chimney Sweeping per Benita Cullingford 23 exemplars, 1 ressenya415
Mazes and Labyrinths (Shire Library) per Adrian Fisher 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya418
Number plates : a history of vehicle registration in Britain per Dave Moss 5 exemplars419
Ladies' Dress Accessories per Eleanor Johnson 14 exemplars421
The Victorian Public House (Shire Album) per Richard Tames 7 exemplars423
Coopers and Coopering (Shire Album) per Kenneth Kilby 9 exemplars426
The Victorian Policeman (Shire Library) per Simon Patrick Dell 9 exemplars428
Heavy Horses (Shire Library) per Diana Zeuner 9 exemplars431
Beers and Breweries of Britain per Roger Putman 10 exemplars434
Real tennis per Kathryn McNicoll 2 exemplars437
Porcelain Pastille Burners (Shire Album) per Vega Wilkinson 1 exemplars439
Staffordshire Figures (Shire Library) per Frances Bryant 2 exemplars448
Windmills (Shire Album) per Martin Watts 6 exemplars457
The Victorian Clergyman per Trevor May 16 exemplars, 1 ressenya459
The Victorian Asylum per Sarah Rutherford 42 exemplars, 2 ressenyes461
The village shop per Lin Bensley 9 exemplars, 1 ressenya466
Village Pumps (Shire Library) per Richard Williams 3 exemplars482
Peat and Peat Cutting (Shire Library) per Ian Rotherham 7 exemplars483
The Slave Trade per Nigel Sadler 11 exemplars485
Garden Gnomes: A History (Shire Library) per Twigs Way 29 exemplars487
The English Rococo Garden per Michael Symes 26 exemplars530
Topiary per Twigs Way 4 exemplars580
The Road Haulage Industry per Chris Woodcock 1 exemplars589
Post Offices per Julian Stray 8 exemplars594
The Great Western Railway (Shire Library) per Tim Bryan 9 exemplars595
Stephensons Rocket and the Rainhill Trials (Shire Library) per Richard Gibbon 8 exemplars605
Bathing Houses and Plunge Pools per Vivien Rolf 4 exemplars610
Making Craft Cider: A Ciderist's Guide per Simon McKie 17 exemplars618
London Olympics: 1908 and 1948 (Shire Library) per Janie Hampton 12 exemplars, 2 ressenyes622
Orchards (Shire Library) per Claire Masset 7 exemplars632
The Women's Institute per Susan Cohen 7 exemplars643
Wedgwood Jasperware per Gaye Blake-Roberts 7 exemplars651
Confederate Currency per Pierre Fricke 7 exemplars655
Railway Posters (Shire Library) per Lorna Frost 9 exemplars, 1 ressenya658
Farming in the 1920s and 30s per Jonathan Brown 8 exemplars666
Army Childhood: British Army Children's Lives and Times per Clare Gibson 4 exemplars671
The Victorian and Edwardian Tourist (Shire Library) per John Hannavy 4 exemplars692
Shepherds and Shepherding (Shire Library) per Jonathan Brown 10 exemplars732
Golf (Shire Library) per John Pearson 6 exemplars733
The country blacksmith per David L. McDougall 9 exemplars735
Patchwork and Quilting in Britain (Shire Library) per Heather Audin 19 exemplars743
British Theatres and Music Halls per John Earl 11 exemplars
Cameras in Disguise (Shire Album) per John Wade 3 exemplars


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