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The Serious Christian Volume I (The Epistle of Jude, The Epistle to the Hebrews and Behold the Bridegroom) per J. N. Darby William Kelly, and W. T. P. Wolston 6 exemplars1.1
The Serious Christian Volume II per William Kelly H. L. Rossier, & Kelly (Joshua, Pro 4 exemplars1.2
The Serious Christian Volume III (The Son of His Love, The Preaching to the Spirits in Prison, and Another Comforter) per W.J. Hocking 4 exemplars1.3
The Serious Christian Vol. IV 4 the Lord's Host, the Church: What is it? And the Scroll of Time per F. G Patterson 4 exemplars1.4
The Serious Christian Volume V (Meditations on Elisha, Leaves From the Book, The Last Words) per Smith Grant Bellet 1 exemplars1.5
The Serious Christian Volume VI (The Kings of Judah and Israel, and Lectures on Ephesians) per Christopher Knapp 4 exemplars1.6
The Serious Christian Volume VIII (Lectures on Daniel, The Crowned Christ, The Step I Have Taken & 1st Epistle of John) per F. W. Grant William Kelly, Edward Dennett & C. Cr 5 exemplars1.8
The Serious Christian Vol. IX 9 Genesis in Light of the New Testament, Lessons from Exodus, Zechariah, Malachi per F. W. Edward And Dennett Grant 2 exemplars1.9
The Serious Christian, Volume X: Lectures on Galatians; How to Study the Bible; Readings on Romans per William Kelly 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.10
The Serious Christian Volume XI (1 & 2 Thessalonians, Seven Churches of Revelation, God's Evangel, and A Fruitful Bough) per Grant Dennell Kelly 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.11
The Serious Christian, Vol. 12: Old Groans and New Songs / 1st and 2nd Timothy / The Bible, the True University per William Kelly 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.12
The Serious Christian Volume XIII per Jennings Stuart 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.13
The Serious Christian Volume XIV (Meditations on the Song of Solomon, Christ Tempted and Sympathizing, and Life & Times of Samuel the Prophet) per J. G. Bellett 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.14
The Serious Christian Volume XV per A.T.S. Nichols Stuart 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya1.15
The Serious Christian Volume XVI (The Christophanies & The Revelation of Jesus Christ) per P. Van Winkle 2 exemplars1.16
Serious Christian, Vol. XVII, (Notes on the Epistle to the Romans, Unsearchable Riches) per William Kelly 2 exemplars1.17
The Serious Christian, Volume XIX: The Kingdom of God and of Heaven; Food for the Desert; Gems, Jewels and Precious Stones; Revelation of Christ (Part II) per John Ashton Savage 2 exemplars1.19
The Serious Christian Volume XX (Revelation of Christ Part 2 & Short Meditations per F. W. & J. G. Bellett Grant 3 exemplars1.20
Bible outlines: Comprehensive editiones of the leading features of the books of the Old and New Testaments (The Serious Christian : Series 2) per Walter Scott 1 exemplars2
The Serious Christian Volume I, Series II (Abram, Elijah, Sketches on Mark, and Lessons in the School of Prayer) per William Kelly 4 exemplars2.1
The Serious Christian Volume II Series II (Child of God and Church of God) per H. F. & C. E. Stuart Witherby 4 exemplars2.2
The Serious Christian Volume III Series II (Jacob, Joshua, The Book of Praises or the Psalms) per H. F. Witherby & C. E. Stuart Kelly William 4 exemplars2.3
The Serious Christian Volume IV Series II (Hebrews and Miscellaneous Writings) per William and F. W. Grant Kelly 3 exemplars2.4
The Serious Christian Volume V Series II (Meditations on the Beatitudes, Christian Devotedness, Miscellaneous Writings & The Ways of God) per F. W. Grant & F. G. Patterson Andrew Miller 5 exemplars2.5
The Serious Christian Volume VI Series II (Pasture for the Flock, Miscellaneous Writings & Notes on Hebrews) per H. H. & F. W. Grant Snell 2 exemplars2.6
The Serious Christian Volume VII Series II (Inspiration of the Scriptures and The Gospel of Our Salvation) per H. H. & H. F. Witherby Snell 4 exemplars2.7
The Serious Christian Volume VIII Series II (Bible Outlines on Old and New Testaments & The Brides of Scripture) per Walter and J. Denham Smith Scott 3 exemplars2.8
The Serious Christian: Aids to Believers, Lectures on Hebrews (Series II, Vol. IX) per CJ Davis 2 exemplars2.9
The Serious Christian Series II Volume X (Collectanea By Darby, Truths of Salvation By Dennett, and Meditations on the 23rd & 84th Psalms By Miller) per John Nelson (J N D) Darby, Edward Dennett and Andrew Miller 3 exemplars2.10
The Serious Christian Series II Volume XI (Addresses By Darby & Wigram, The Lord's Coming, Israel and the Church By Baines) per John Nelson (J N D) Baines Darby, G. V. Wigram, and T. B. 2 exemplars2.11
The Serious Christian Series II Volume XII (The Four Gospels By Ridout and How to be Saved By Brookes) per Samuel and J. H. Brookes Ridout 5 exemplars2.12
The Serious Christian Volume XIII, Series II (Gospel of John, Epistles of John, Philippians) per R. Evans 4 exemplars2.13


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