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Acts: The Spreading Flame per Harding University's 1989 Lectures 10 exemplars1989
Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound per Harding University 3 exemplars1984
The Biblical Doctrine of the Last Things : Harding College Bible Lectures 1956 per Director W.B. Jr. West 1 exemplars1956
Biblical Prophecy per Director W.B. Jr. West 3 exemplars1953
The Bond of Peace per Jr. & Neal Pryor W. Joe Hacker, foreword 1 exemplars1970
Christ and Present Day Problems : The Harding College Lectures 1951 1 exemplars1951
Christ in the Space Age per W. Joe Hacker, Jr. 8 exemplars1965
Christ the Way 1 exemplars1963
Christian education : Harding College lectures, 1947 1 exemplars1947
The Christian Home per Harding University 6 exemplars1983
The Church: Renewal or Ruin? 59th Harding University Bible Lectureship, 1982 per Director Neale Pryor 3 exemplars1982
Foundations of faith : Harding College Bible lectures, 1948 1 exemplars1948
Harding College 34th Annual Lectureship 1957 per Director W.B. Jr. West 2 exemplars1957
Harding College Bible Lectures 1952 per Hacker & Pryor (foreword) 1 exemplars1952
The Harding College Lectures 1950 per Anna Sewell 2 exemplars1950
Harding College Lectures 1966 - My Peace I Leave with You per Hacker & Pryor (foreword) 1 exemplars1966
How Great Thou Art : Harding College Lectures, 1978 2 exemplars1978
The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible per James D. Bales 4 exemplars1971
Jesus Calls Us per Harding University 1 exemplars1985
Let the Earth Hear His Voice per Harding Unversity 3 exemplars1979
Let the Earth Hear His Voice : Harding College Lectures, 1979 per Neale Prye 2 exemplars1979
The Lifestyle of Jesus According to the Gospel of Mark per Harding University 1 exemplars1988
Love One Another per Neal Pryor (Lectureship Director) 3 exemplars1981
Love One Another : Harding University Lectures 1981 per Harding University's 1989 Lectures 2 exemplars1981
The Mission of the Church : Harding College Bible Lectures, 1958 per Various 2 exemplars1958
My God and I per W. Joe Hacker, Jr. 4 exemplars1964
The new life in Christ : Harding College Bible lectures, 1957 1 exemplars1957
Rescue The Perishing per Harding University 1 exemplars1987
Rescue the Perishing : Harding University Lectures 1987 per Unknown 2 exemplars1987
Some Current Problems and Opportunities Facing the Church : Harding College Bible Lectures, 1959 per Various 1 exemplars1959
The things which benefit sound doctrine : Harding College Bible Lectures, 1955 per Director W.B. Jr. West 2 exemplars1955
To God Be the Glory: Ephesians' Call to Unity per editor` Don Shackelford 3 exemplars1994
Understanding the Times: Harding Univeristy's 76th Annual Bible Lectureship; per Howard W Norton 1 exemplars1999
Vision of Victory: The Book of Revelation per Don Shackelford 2 exemplars1992
We Give Thee But Thine Own per Harding University 1 exemplars1980
We Give Thee But Thine Own : Harding College Lectures, 1980 per Neale Pryor, foreword 1 exemplars1980
What the Bible Teaches per Bill Flatt 7 exemplars1972
What's Right With The Church per Harding University 1 exemplars1986


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