Obres (82)

A.D. 381 : heretics, pagans, and the dawn of the monotheistic state de Charles Freeman
The Actor King: Journey to Alexandria de Lorna Cahall
Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age de Peter Green
The Anglo-Saxon Version Of The Story Of Apollonius Of Tyre, Upon Which is Founded The Play of Pericles, Attributed to Shakespeare: From a MS. in the Library of C.C.C. Cambridge. de Benjamin Thorpe
Antigonos the One-Eyed and the Creation of the Hellenistic State de Richard A. Billows
Armies of the Crusades de Terence Wise
The Beginnings of Christianity Part I: The Acts of the Apostles, 5 Volumes de F. J. Foakes Jackson
The Black Rose de Thomas B. Costain
Brassey's Book of the Crusades de David Miller
Brethren: An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar de Robyn Young
Byzantium: The Early Centuries de John Julius Norwich
Centurion de Simon Scarrow
Chronicle of the Third Crusade: The Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta Regis Ricardi de Helen J. Nicholson
Cities of the New Testament de E. M. Blaiklock
The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason de Charles Freeman
A Concise History of the Crusades (Critical Issues in History) de Thomas F. Madden
The Conqueror's Son: Duke Robert Curthose: Thwarted King de Katherine Lack
Les Croades vistes pels àrabs de Amin Maalouf
The Crusades de Henry Treece
The Crusades de Zoé Oldenbourg
The Crusades de David Nicolle
The Crusades: A History de Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Crusades: Five Centuries of Holy Wars de Malcolm Billings
The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints de Harold Lamb
The Crusades: The World's Debate de Hilaire Belloc
Culture and society in later Roman Antioch : papers from a colloquium, London, 15th December 2001 de Isabella Sandwell
Daphnis and Chloe. Anthia and Habrocomes (Loeb Classical Library) de Longus
Deus Le Volt de Jon de Burgh Miller
Divine Kings and Sacred Spaces: Power and Religion in Hellenistic Syria (301-64 BC) de Nicholas L. Wright
The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades de Robert Payne
Dungeon, Fire and Sword: The Knights Templar in the Crusades de John J. Robinson
The First and Second Books of the Maccabees (Cambridge Bible Commentaries on the Apocrypha) de J. R. Bartlett
The First Crusade 1096-99: Conquest of the Holy Land de David Nicolle
The First Crusade : the Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials de Edward Peters
The First Crusade: A New History de Thomas Asbridge
From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees de E. J. Bickerman
Germanicus de David Wishart
God Wills It! de Wayne Bartlett
God Wills It!: Understanding the Crusades de Thomas F. Madden
God's War : A New History of the Crusades de Christopher Tyerman
The Greek Alexander Romance de Ps-Callisthenes
Herod: King of the Jews and Friend of the Romans de Peter Richardson
Historical Atlas of the Crusades de Angus Konstam
The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine de Eusebius
A History of the Crusades, Volume I: The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem de Steven Runciman
A History of the Crusades. Volume II. The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East, 1100-1187 de Steven Runciman
History of the Greek World, 323-146 BC de M. Cary
Holy Bible - Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) de Wartburg ProjectActs 11:19-30,13:1-3,14:26-28,15:23-35
The Holy Bible: American Standard Version (ASV) de God
II Maccabees : a new translation with introduction and commentary de Jonathan A. Goldstein
L'imperatore Giuliano de Ignazio Tantillo
Invitation to the Septuagint de Karen H. JobesAntakya, Hatay, Turkey
Jewish Antiquities, Books 12-13 de Josephus
The Jewish War, Books 4-7 de Flavius Josephus
Julian de Gore Vidal
Knight with Armour de Alfred Duggan
Knights of the Cross de Tom Harper
The Language of Life and Death: The Transformation of Experience in Oral Narrative de William Labov
Lion of the Sun de Harry Sidebottom
New Rome: The Empire in the East de Paul Stephenson
The Normans de R. Allen Brown
The Oxford History of the Crusades de Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades de Jonathan Riley-Smith
Pericles de William Shakespeare
The Rise of the Seleukid Empire (323-223 BC): Seleukos I to Seleukos III de John D. Grainger
Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer de Robert E. Howard
Roman Conquests: Asia Minor, Syria and Armenia de Richard Evans
Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity: Neighbors and Rivals de Beate Dignas
The School of Libanius in Late Antique Antioch de Raffaella Cribiore
Shadow of the Silk Road de Colin Thubron
Ship of Fools de Richard Paul Russoplanet
A Short History of Antioch, 300 B.C.-A.D. 1268 de Edmund Spenser Bouchier
The Silver Chalice de Thomas B. Costain
Sota el sol de Kenya de Barbara Wood
The Story of Egypt: The Civilization that Shaped the World de Joann Fletcher
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville de John Mandeville
Truth for Today Commentary: An Exegesis & Application of the Holy Scriptures: Acts 1-14 de David L. Roper
Unholy Night de Seth Grahame-Smith
Victory in the East: A Military History of the First Crusade de John France
The War of the Three Gods: Romans, Persians and the Rise of Islam de Peter Crawford
Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300 de John France
Zondervan NIV Bible commentary de Kenneth L. Barkerspread of the Gospel, Acts 11:19-30,13:1-3,14:26-28,15:23-35