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Adventures in the Near East, 1918-1922 de Alfred Rawlinson
Anicia Giuliana: la committente (c. 463-c. 528) de Carmelo Capizzi
The Architect's Apprentice de Elif Shafak
At the Gates of Rome: The Fall of the Eternal City, AD 410 de Don Hollway
Attila the Hun de John Man
Barbarians and Romans: The Birth Struggle of Europe, A.D. 400-700 de Justine Davis Randers-Pehrson
Baudolino de Umberto Eco
The Birth of Classical Europe: A History from Troy to Augustine de Simon Price
By Blood Divided de James Heneage
Byzantine Art de David Talbot Rice
The Byzantine Empire de Robert Browning
The Byzantine Revival, 780-842 de Warren T. Treadgold
Byzantinsk historia de Alf Henrikson
Byzantium's Crown de Susan Shwartz
Byzantium: A Very Short Introduction de Peter Sarris
Byzantium: The Apogee de John Julius Norwich
Byzantium: The Bridge from Antiquity to the Middle Ages de Michael Angold
Byzantium: The Early Centuries de John Julius Norwich
Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome de Cyril Mango
Byzantium: The Imperial Centuries, A.D. 610-1071 de Romilly Jenkins
Byzanz de Franz Georg Maier
Chronicles of the Crusades de Jean de Joinville
The Church in History de B. K. Kuiper
A Concise History of the Crusades (Critical Issues in History) de Thomas F. Madden
The Conquest of Constantinople de Robert of Clari
Constantine the Emperor de David Potter
Constantine the Great de Michael Grant
Constantinople de Edmondo De Amicis
Constantinople de David Jacobs
Constantinople de Clara Erskine Clement
Constantinople (Sieges That Changed the World) de Tim McNeese
Constantinople from Byzantium to Istanbul de David Talbot Rice
Constantinople: City of the World's Desire, 1453-1924 de Philip Mansel
Constantinople: Iconography of a Sacred City de Philip Sherrard
Constantinople: Istanbul's Historical Heritage de Stephane Yerasimos
Count Robert of Paris de Walter Scott
Crisis in Byzantium: The Filioque Controversy in the Patriarchate of Gregory II of Cyprus (1283-1289) de Aristeides Papadakis
Croada a Terra Santa de Evan S. Connell
The Cross and the Crescent: Byzantium, The Turks (Imperial Visions Series: The Rise and Fall of Empires) de Joyce Milton
The Crusades de David Nicolle
The Crusades de Henry Treece
The Crusades: A History de Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Crusades: Five Centuries of Holy Wars de Malcolm Billings
The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints de Harold Lamb
Càndid o l'optimisme de Voltaire
The Dark Angel de Mika Waltari
Daughters of Britannia: The Lives and Times of Diplomatic Wives de Katie Hickman
Dernier Templier (Le) - Saison 2 - tome 6 - Chevalier manchot (Le) de Raymond Khoury
The Dragon Waiting de John M. Ford
The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades de Robert Payne
The Ecology of War: Environmental Impacts of Weaponry and Warfare de Susan D. Lanier-Graham
The Emperor Romanus Lecapenus and his reign, a study of tenth-century Byzantium de Steven Runciman
The Emperor's Winding Sheet de Jill Paton Walsh
Empires of the Plain: Henry Rawlinson and the Lost Languages of Babylon de Lesley AdkinsIstanbul, Turkey
The Fall of Constantinople 1453 de Steven Runciman
The Fall of Constantinople: The Ottoman conquest of Byzantium de David Nicolle
The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians de Peter Heather
The First Crusade : the Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials de Edward Peters
The First Crusade: A New History de Thomas Asbridge
The Fish Road to Constantinople (Nova Anglia) de Michael Robinson
Forty years in Constantinople: the recollections of Sir Edwin Pears. 1873-1915 de Sir Edwin Pears
The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople de Jonathan Phillips
The Fourth Crusade: The Conquest of Constantinople de Donald E. Queller
From Rome to Byzantium: The Fifth Century AD de Michael Grant
Fury of the Witch Queen de Joseph Robert Lewis
Galla Placidia Augusta: A Biographical Essay de Stewart Irvin Oost
Gannibal: The Moor of Petersburg de Hugh Barnes
Gardens of Silihdar: A Memoir de Zabel Yessayan
The Gentle Infidel de Lawrence Schoonover
A Gentlewoman's Chronicles de Michael Coorlim
Ghost Empire de Richard Fidler
God Wills It!: Understanding the Crusades de Thomas F. Madden
The Golden Horn de Judith Tarr
The Golden Principles: Live a better, happier, richer and more fulfilling life de Maxime Houle
The Great Betrayal: The Great Siege of Constantinople de Ernle Bradford
Greenmantle de John Buchan
Gregory the Great, perfection in imperfection de Carole Straw
Hagia Sophia de Patrick Balfour Kinross
Hawk Quest de Robert Lyndon
The heart of the Orient; saunterings through Georgia, Armenia, Persia, Turkomania, and Turkestan, to the vale of Paradise de Michael Myers Shoemaker
Historical Atlas of the Crusades de Angus Konstam
A History of Byzantium de Timothy E Gregory
A History of Private Life, Volume 1: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium de Paul Veyne
History of the Byzantine State de George Ostrogorsky
A History of the Byzantine State and Society de Warren Treadgold
The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine de Eusebius
A History of the Crusades, Volume I: The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem de Steven Runciman
History of the Later Roman Empire from the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian de J. B. Bury
History of the Later Roman Empire from the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian [Vol. 1] de J. B. Bury
History of the Later Roman Empire from the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian [Vol. 2] de J. B. Bury
History of the Wars, Secret History, and Buildings (Newly Translated, Edited and Abridged by Averil Cameron) de Procopius
The Horses of St. Marks: A Story of Triumph in Byzantium, Paris and Venice de Charles Freeman
The Hound and the Falcon: Trilogy de Judith Tarr
Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr de Michael A. B. Deakin
The Immortal Emperor: The Life and Legend of Constantine Palaiologos, Last Emperor of the Romans de Donald M. Nicol
L'imperatore Giuliano de Ignazio Tantillo
In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 de Michelle Brown
In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire de Tom Holland
The influence of Constantinople on Middle Byzantine architecture (843-1204): A typological and morphological approach at the provincial level de Hanna-Riitta Toivanen
The Invention of Exile de Vanessa Manko
Invitation to the Septuagint de Karen H. JobesIstanbul, Turkey
Ionia: A Quest de Freya Stark
The Iron Lance de Stephen R. Lawhead
A Journey Through the Crimea to Constantinople de Baroness Elizabeth Craven
Julian de Gore Vidal
Keizers sterven niet in bed : van Caesar tot Romulus Augustulus, 44 v.Chr.-476 n.Chr. de Fik Meijer
Die Ketzerin de Peter Berling
King Harald's Saga: Harald Hardradi of Norway de Snorri Sturluson
Konstantinopel de Thorvald Steen
L'empire barbare, Tome 1 : Thorn le prédateur de Gary Jennings
The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon de Richard Zimler
Life on the Golden Horn (Penguin Great Journeys) de Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Lord of Slaughter de M.D. Lachlan
The Making of Byzantium, 600-1025 de Mark Whittow
Medieval Europe: A Short History de C. Warren Hollister
Medieval Warfare de Geoffrey Hindley
The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean de John Julius Norwich
Mistra: Byzantine Capital of the Peloponnese de Steven Runciman
Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin de Susan Nagel
Morrigan's Brood: Morrigan's Brood Book I de Heather Poinsett DunbarIstanbul, Turkey
The Mosaic of Shadows de Tom Harper
Muslims and Christians: A History of Conflict and Conversion de Gregory Miller
My campaign in Mesopotamia de Sir Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend
The Myth of Catholic Scholarship: the Absurdities, Falsehoods and Distortions of the Catholic Encyclopedia de Joseph McCabe
A New History of Christianity de V. H. H. Green
New Rome: The Empire in the East de Paul Stephenson
Now I Rise de Kiersten White
On Horseback through Asia Minor de Frederick Burnaby
Orlando de Virginia Woolf
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades de Jonathan Riley-Smith
Parla'ls de batalles, de reis i d'elefants de Mathias Énard
The Pindar Diamond de Katie Hickman
A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 de C. C. Humphreys
The Portable Gibbon: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire de Edward Gibbon
Public Order in Ancient Rome de Wilfried Nippel
The Purple Shroud de Stella Duffy
The Reluctant Emperor: A Biography of John Cantacuzene, Byzantine Emperor and Monk, c.1295-1383 de Donald M. Nicol
The Revival of Rhomanion de Basileus444
The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest Traveller de Giles Milton
The Roman Emperors: A Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome, 31 B.C. - A.D. 476 de Michael Grant
Rome and Constantinople: Rewriting Roman History During Late Antiquity de Raymond Van Dam
Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity: Neighbors and Rivals de Beate Dignas
Rome at War: Caesar and His Legacy de Kate Gilliver
Sailing from Byzantium: How a Lost Empire Shaped the World de Colin Wells
The Search for Ancient Greece de Roland Etienne
The Shape of the Book: From Roll to Codex, 3rd Century BC - 19th Century AD The Library on Display de Franca Arduini
The Sheen on the Silk de Anne Perry
Sherlock Holmes. Las crónicas de Moriarty de Sylvain Cordurié
A Short History of Byzantium de John Julius Norwich
A Short History of the Early Church de Harry R. Boer
The Simurgh and the Nightingale de Roger Derham
The Slaves of Love de Barbara Cartland
Soldiering with a stethoscope de Nathaniel John Crawford RutherfordIstanbul
Stealing Athena de Karen Essex
The Story of Constantinople : the old capital of the empire de William Holden Hutton
Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood: The Rise and Fall of Byzantium, 955 A.D. to the First Crusade (Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture) de Anthony Kaldellis
The Sultans de Noel Barber
Theodora, Empress of Byzantium de Charles Diehl
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Saint de David Potter
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore de Stella Duffy
Theodosian Empresses: Women and Imperial Dominion in Late Antiquity de Kenneth G. Holum
The Thought of Gregory the Great (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) de G.R. Evans
To the Ends of the Earth: A Novel of the Byzantine Empire de T. Davis Bunn
Travel Light de Naomi MitchisonMicklegard
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville de John Mandeville
Trebizond: The Last Greek Empire of the Byzantine Era, 1204-1461 de William Miller
Turkey in Travail: The Birth of a New Nation de Francis Harold Couenay Lupin Armstrong
Two Romes: Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity (Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity) de Lucy Grig
Two war years in Constantinople; sketches of German and Young Turkish ethics and politics de Harry Stuermer
The Ungrateful Governess de Mary Balogh
The Verge: Reformation, Renaissance, and Forty Years that Shook the World de Patrick Wyman
Viaje de Turquía de Pedro de Urdemalas de Anónimo
Victory in the East: A Military History of the First Crusade de John France
The Walls of Constantinople AD 324-1453 de Stephen Turnbull
The War of the Three Gods: Romans, Persians and the Rise of Islam de Peter Crawford
The Water Diviner de Andrew Anastasios
Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300 de John France
Women in Purple de Judith Herrin
You Wouldn't Want to Explore With Marco Polo!: A Really Long Trip You'd Rather Not Take de Jacqueline Morley
В поисках Константинополя. Путеводитель по византийскому Стамбулу и окрестностям de Sergey A. Ivanov