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AAA Greece, Hungary & Adriatic Coast: Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Mont de AAA
AAA Greece, Hungary & Yugoslavia : including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, F.Y.R.M., Albania de Automobile Association
The Acts de Charles R. ErdmanPaul and Silas imprisoned (Acts 16:9-40)
The Age of Alexander de Plutarch
Alexander de Klaus Mann
Alexander and Alestria: A Novel de Shan Sa
Alexander at the World's End de Tom Holt
Alexander of Macedon 356-323 B.C.: A Historical Biography de Peter Green
Alexander the Great de Nikos Kazantzakis
Alexander the Great de Peter Green
Alexander the Great de Demi
Alexander the Great and the Ancient Greeks (History Starting Points) de David Gill
Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army de Donald W. Engels
Alexander the Great at War: His Army - His Battles - His Enemies de Ruth SheppardAncient
Alexander the Great: Conqueror of the Known World de Don Nardo
Alexander the Great: Journey to the End of the Earth de Norman Cantor
Alexander the Great: The Story of an Ancient Life de Thomas R. Martin
Alexander the King: The Sequel to Philip and Olympias de Peter Messmore
Alexander's Heirs: The Age of the Successors de Edward M. Anson
Alexander's Tomb: The Two-Thousand Year Obsession to Find the Lost Conquerer de Nicholas J. Saunders
Alexander: A History of the Origin and Growth of the Art Of War from the Earliest Times to the Battle of Ipsus, B.C. 301, With a Detailed Account of the Campaigns of the Great Macedonian de Theodore Ayrault Dodge
Aléxandros : El fill del somni de Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Aléxandros: el desert d'Amon de Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Ancient Greece: Treasure Chests : 4,000 Years of History and Mythology to Unlock and Discover (Treasure Chests (Games)) de Lynn Brittany
Ancient Macedonia : The Rise of Macedon de Basil Chulev
Ancient Macedonian Studies in Honor of Charles F. Edson de Harry J. Dell
Antigonos the One-Eyed and the Creation of the Hellenistic State de Richard A. Billows
Arsinoe of Egypt and Macedon: A Royal Life de Elizabeth Donnelly CarneyAncient
Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History de Robert D. Kaplan
Becoming (Dancing with the Lion #1) de Jeanne Reames
Before the Dawn of Alexander the Great de Faye Turner
Biblical Essays de J. B. Lightfoot
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey through Yugoslavia de Rebecca West
Blood Ties: Religion, Violence and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878–1908 de İpek Yosmaoğlu
A Bloodline of Kings de Thomas Sundell
Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy de Lindsay Moran
The Book of Romans (The Bible Believers Commentary Series) de Peter S. RuckmanRomans 15:26
The Book of Romans: Righteousness in Christ (Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary) de Woodrow KrollRomans 15:26
The book of the fly-rod de H. T. Sheringhamfly-fishing
Bring Down the Sun (Alexander the Great) de Judith Tarr
Bulgaria and Her People : With an Account of the Balkan Wars, Macedonia, and the Macedonian Bulgars de Will Seymour Monroe
The Campaigns of Alexander de Arrian
The Church in History de B. K. Kuiper
Cleopatra: A Life de Stacy Schiff
Commentary on Romans de Anders NygrenRomans 15:26
A Commentary on Romans 1-8 de David P. Kuske
Commentary on the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans de John CalvinRomans 15:26
Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans de Charles HodgeRomans 15:26
A Companion to Ancient Macedonia de Joseph Roisman
Demetrius: Sacker of Cities de James Romm
Desire of the Everlasting Hills de Thomas Cahill
Diodorus Siculus: The Library of History, Volume XI, Books 21-32 de Diodorus Siculus
Dividing the Spoils : The War for Alexander the Great's Empire de Robin Waterfield
Early Byzantine churches in Macedonia and southern Serbia;: A study of the origins and the initial development of East C de R. F Hoddinott
El tiempo de las cabras (Libros del Asteroide) (Spanish Edition) de Luan Starova
English-Macedonian Dialectal Dictionary Based on the Lerin-Kostur Dialects as Spoken by Oshchimians de Chris Stefou
Entangled Histories of the Balkans, Volume One : National Ideologies and Language Policies de Rumen Daskalov
Epistle to the Romans (Torch Bible Paperbacks) de A. M. HunterRomans 15:26
Epistle to the Romans: The English Text With Introduction, Exposition, and Notes (NEW INTERNATIONAL COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT) de John MurrayRomans 15:26
Eumenes of Cardia : A Greek among Macedonians de Edward Anson
Europe's Role in Nation-Building: From the Balkans to the Congo de James Dobbins
Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power de Elizabeth Donnelly Carney5th-4th Century BCE
The Expositor's Bible Commentary - Romans de Everett F. HarrisonRomans 15:26
The First World War. Volume 1, To Arms de Hew Strachan
The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime de Declan Hill
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : second review under the stand-by arrangement and ex post assessment of performance under Fund-supported programs : staff report, staff supplement, ex post assessment of longer-term program engagement : staff report, public information notice and press release on the Executive Board discussion, and the statement by the Executive Director for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia de International Monetary Fund
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : second review under the stand-by arrangement and request for waiver of performance criteria and rephasing of the program - staff report; staff statement; press release on the executive board discussion; and statement by the executive director for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia de International Monetary Fund
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : selected issues de International Monetary Fund
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : selected issues for the 2009 article IV consultation de International Monetary Fund
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia : staff report for the 2009 article IV consultation, staff report; staff statement; public information notice on the executive board discussion; and statement by the executive director for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia de International Monetary Fund
From Alexander to Cleopatra de Michael Grant
Funeral Games de Mary Renault
Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen de Johann Gustav Droysen
Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and Empire de James Romm
The Golden Mean de Annabel Lyon
Gracchanten de Pim Wiersinga
The Greek Alexander Romance de Ps-Callisthenes
The Greek World 479-323 BC de Simon Hornblower
Hakim’s Odyssey, Book 3: From Macedonia to France de Fabien Toulmé
A handbook for travellers in Greece describing the Ionian Islands; continental Greece, Athens, and the Peloponnesus; the islands of the Aegean Sea; Albania; Thessaly; and Macedonia de John Murray
Hannibal: One Man Against Rome de Harold LambAncient
The Hellenistic Age from the Battle of Ipsos to the Death of Kleopatra VII de Stanley M. Burstein
The Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands, and Asia Minor (Hellenistic Culture and Society) de Getzel M. Cohen
The Hellenistic world de F. W. Walbank
Hidden Macedonia (Armchair Traveler) (Armchair Traveller) de Christopher Deliso
Histories: Bks.XXVIII-XXXIX vol. VI (Loeb Classical Library) de Polybius
The Histories: Volume III, Books 5-8 (Loeb Classical Library) de Polybius
The Histories: Volume IV, Books 9-15 (Loeb Classical Library) de Polybius
A History of Macedonia de R. Malcolm ErringtonAncient
A History of the Hellenistic World, 323-30 BC de R. Malcolm Errington
The History of the Present War with Russia: Giving full details of the operations of the Allied Armies - Division I de Henry Tyrrell
The History of the Present War with Russia: Giving full details of the operations of the Allied Armies - Division II de Henry Tyrrell
Història de Polybius
Història d'Alexandre el Gran de Quintus Curtius Rufus
Holy Bible - Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) de Wartburg ProjectActs 16:9-40
The Holy Bible: American Standard Version (ASV)
Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World de Alexander Klimchouk
In the shadow of Olympus : the emergence of Macedon de Eugene N. BorzaAncient
The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander de Arrian
Lectures on the Epistle to the Romans de H. A. IronsideRomans 15:26
The Letter of Paul to the Romans (Cambridge Bible Commentaries on the New Testament) de Ernest BestRomans 15:26
The Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans (Ignatius Catholic Study Bible) de Scott HahnRomans 15:26
Lion of Macedon de David Gemmell
Lonely Planet Eastern Europe Phrasebook de Angel Pachev
Long 'un : a damn bad soldier de Bernard Livermore
Macédoine 1900 de Necati Cumali
Macedonia de World Trade Press
Macedonia (Cultures of the World) de MaryLee Knowlton
Macedonia : History and Politics de Centre for Macedonians Abroad
Macedonia in Ancient Times de Antonije Škokljev-Dončo
Macedonia Media, Internet and Telecommunications Complete Profile de World Trade Press
Macedonia money & banking de World Trade Press
Macedonia Passage: Dangerous Cargo de Wright Gres
Macedonia Society and Culture Complete Report de World Trade Press
Macedonia, Thrace and Illyria: Their relations to Greece from the earliest times down to the time of Philip, son of Amyn de Stanley Casson
Macedonia: Warlords and Rebels in the Balkans de John Phillips
Macedonian Empire: The Era of Warfare Under Philip II and Alexander the Great, 359-323 B.C. de James R. Ashley
Macedonian Legacies: Studies in Ancient Macedonian History and Culture in Honour of Eugene N. Borza de Timothy Howe
Macedonian Memories de Henry C. Day
Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and Intermediate Students de Christina E. Kramer
Makedonika de Eugene N. Borza
Mazedonien. Kleines Land, grosser Name. Cercle Diplomatique. Economique et Touristique International de Daniela Pötzl
Monumenta Archaeologica No.1 Neolithic Macedonia de Marija Gimbutas (Editor)
National Geographic Magazine 1996 v189 #3 March de William L Allen
National Geographic Magazine 1996 v189 #5 May de William L Allen
New History of the Peloponnesian War de Donald Kagan
The New Macedonian Question de James Pettifer
The Ottoman Empire, 1801-1913 de William Miller
Ourselves and others : the development of a Greek Macedonian cultural identity since 1912 de Peter Mackridge
Philip and Alexander: Kings and Conquerors de Adrian Goldsworthy
Philip and Olympias: A Novel of Ancient Macedon de Peter Messmore
Philip II and Alexander the Great: Father and Son, Lives and Afterlives de Elizabeth Donnelly Carney
Philip II of Macedonia de Ian Worthington
Philip the Second and Macedonian Imperialism de J. R. Ellis
The portrait of a scholar and other essays written in Macedonia 1916-1918 de R. W. Chapman
Prehistoric Macedonia;: An archaeological reconnaissance of Greek Macedonia (west of the Struma) in the neolithic, bronz de W.A. Heurtley
Roman Conquests: Macedonia and Greece de Philip Matyszak
Romans de Armin John PanningRomans 15:26
Romans de Robert JewettRomans 15:26
Romans de Clarence L. BenceRomans 15:26
Romans de Alan F. JohnsonRomans 15:26
Romans (Anchor Bible) de Joseph A. FitzmyerRomans 15:26
Romans (Believers Church Bible Commentary) de John E. ToewsRomans 15:26
Romans (Focus on the Bible Commentaries) de R. C. SproulRomans 15:26
Romans (Hippo / Africa Bible Commentary Series) de Solomon AndriaRomans 15:26
Romans (Interpretation Ser.: a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching) de Martha M. StevensonRomans 15:26
Romans (Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching) de Paul J. AchtemeierRomans 15:26
Romans (Life Application Bible Commentary) de David R. VeermanRomans 15:26
Romans (Randall House Bible Commentary) de F. Leroy ForlinesRomans 15:26
Romans (The Story of God Bible Commentary) de Michael F. BirdRomans 15:26
Romans : a commentary de Robert JewettRomans 15:26
Romans Realized de Don DeWeltRomans 15:26
Romans: A Bible Commentary for Every Day (The People's Bible Commentaries) de James D. G. DunnRomans 15:26
Romans: A Guide for Reflection and Prayer (Daily Bible Commentary) de James D. G. DunnRomans 15:26
Romans: A Study Guide Commentary (Study Guide Series) de Curtis VaughanRomans 15:26
Romans: A Theological Commentary on the Bible (Belief: a Theological Commentary on the Bible) de Sarah Heaner LancasterRomans 15:26
Romans: New Century Bible Commentary de Matthew BlackRomans 15:26
Romans: New International Biblical Commentary de James R. EdwardsRomans 15:26
Romans: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary de Charles H. TalbertRomans 15:26
Romans: The Freedom Letter (Everyman's Bible Commentary, Romans: The Freedom Letter Volume Two) de Alan F. JohnsonRomans 15:26
Romans: The gospel of grace (Emmaus Bible commentary) de William MacDonaldRomans 15:26
Romans: The Revelation of God's Righteousness (Focus on the Bible Commentaries) de Paul BarnettRomans 15:26
Romans: Tyndale New Testament Commentaries de F. F. BruceRomans 15:26
Salonika Burning de Gail Jones
The Search for Ancient Greece de Roland Etienne
The Search for Cleopatra de Michael Foss
Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Persia & Macedonia Civilizations [EP] de Geoff Knorr
Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack de Firaxis Games
Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia-Montenegro - Bosnia-Hercegovina - Macedonia (1:600 000) de Freytag-Berndt und Artaria
Sojourners and Settlers: The Macedonian Community in Toronto to 1940 de Lillian Petroff
South Eastern Europe : Volume 2: FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia de Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
A Spare Life de Lidija Dimkovska
Spies of the Balkans de Alan Furst
The Stan de Kevin Knodell
The Story of Egypt: The Civilization that Shaped the World de Joann Fletcher
A subaltern in Macedonia and Judæa, 1916-17 de Richard Skilbeck Smith
Sunrise of Power: Ancient Egypt, Alexander and the World of Hellenism (Imperial Visions Series: The Rise and Fall of Empires) de Joyce Milton
The Symposion in Ancient Greek Society and Thought de Fiona Hobden
The Tale of a Tour in Macedonia de G. F. Abbott
Themes from Romans de Robert H. MounceRomans 15:26
To the Gods their Due [short story] de Michelle West
Tombs Graves and Mummies: 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology de Paul G. Bahn
Treasures of Ancient Macedonia de Kate Ninou
Tree of Life Bible Commentary : The Epistle to the Romans de Jon CoursonRomans 15:26
Vergina: the Royal Tombs de Manolis Andronicos
Voyage du sieur Paul Lucas, fait par ordre du roy dans la Grèce, l’Asie Mineure, la Macédonie et l’Afrique. [Publ. par E. Fourmont]. T. 1-2 de Paul Lucas
Warrior Class de Dale Brown
The Wars of Alexander the Great, 336-323 BC de Waldemar Heckel
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe de Jorgen S. Nielsen
Zanimatelnaya Gretsiya de Mikhail Gasparov