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After the Pyramids: The Valley of the Kings and Beyond de Aidan Dodson
Les artistes de Pharaon de Guillemette Andreu
Atlas of the Valley of the Kings (The Theban mapping project) de Kent R. Weeks
The Awesome Egyptians de Terry Deary
The Chamber of Horus de Paul Halter
The Complete Tutankhamun de Nicholas Reeves
The Complete Valley of the Kings: Tombs and Treasures of Egypt's Greatest Pharaohs de C. N. Reeves
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb (Graphic Library: Graphic History) de Michael Burgan
The Curse of the Mummy's Heart de Julia Talbot
Dioses, tumbas y sabios de C. S. Ceram
Discovering Tut-Ankh-Amen's Tomb de Shirley Glubok
Doctor Strange Vol. 2: The Last Days of Magic de Jason Aaron
The Egyptians and the Valley of the Kings (Hidden Worlds) de Philip Steele
Elisha's Bones de Don Hoesel
Entombed [2016 Mickey Mouse TV episode] de Dave Thomas
Eve of the Pharaoh (Era of Shadows #1) de R. M. Schultz
Forty-Five de Mark Morris
Fruit of the Tomb de Carole Nelson Douglas
The God Catcher de Scott Peters
The Good Shabti de Robert Sharp
Guide to the Valley of the Kings de Alberto Siliotti
The History of Ancient Egypt de Bob Brier
A history of the ancient Egyptians de James Henry Breasted
Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon Discovered....Tutankhamun's Tomb de Alan MacDonald
Howard Carter and the Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun de H. V. F. Winstone
Howard Carter: Before Tutankhamun de C. N. Reeves
Howard Carter: Searching for King Tut (Science Superstars) de Barbara Ford
Howard Carter: The Path to Tutankhamun de T. G. H. James
Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood de Todd McCarthy
Illustrated Guide To Luxor And The Valley Of The Kings de Kent R. Weeks
In Search of King Tut's Tomb - A Hide and Seek Puzzle Book
In Search of Tutankhamun : The discovery of a king's tomb de Giovanni Caselli
In the Valley of the Kings: Howard Carter and the Mystery of King Tutankhamun's Tomb de Daniel Meyerson
King Tut's Tomb (First Facts: Ancient Egypt) de Amanda F. Doering
King Tutankhamun: The Treasures of the Tomb de Zahi Hawass
Kiwi in the Realm of Ra (Kiwi Series, #5) de Vickie Johnstone
Kv5: A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of the Tomb of the Sons of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings, Revised Edition (Publications of the Theban Mapping Project) de Kent R. Weeks
The Laughter of Dead Kings de Elizabeth Peters
The legacy of Lord Carnarvon: Miniatures from Ancient Egypt and the Valley of the Kings de Nigel Strudwick
The Lost Tomb de Kent R. Weeks
Luxor and the Valley of the Kings (Treasures of Ancient Egypt) de Alesandro Bongioanni
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad de Simon Clark
Mummies of the Pharaohs: Exploring the Valley of the Kings de Melvin Berger
The Murder of King Tut de James Patterson
Mystery of the Egyptian Amulet
The Name of the Dead: Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Treasures of Tutankhamun Translated de Hany Assaad
National Geographic Magazine 1998 v194 #3 September de William L Allen
The Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings (Oxford Handbooks) de Richard H. Wilkinson
Passwords Book 3 de James Rose
The Rape of Tutankhamun de John Romer
The Red Tent de Anita Diamant
The Royal Tombs of Egypt: The Art of Thebes Revealed de Zahi Hawass
The Scarab Heart de Michael Gallagher
The Search for Tutankkhamun de Niki Horin
The Secret of the Sacred Scarab de Fiona Ingram
The Serpent on the Crown de Elizabeth Peters
Sherlock Holmes and the Sacred Sword de Frank Thomas
The Story of Egypt: The Civilization that Shaped the World de Joann Fletcher
Strangeland de Tracey Emin
Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt de Barbara Mertz
Thutmose III: The Military Biography of Egypt's Greatest Warrior King de Richard A. Gabriel
Tod auf dem Rhein. Ein Fall für Sherlock Holmes de Stefan Winges
Tomb of the Golden Bird de Elizabeth Peters
The Tomb of Tutankhamen de Howard Carter
Tombs Graves and Mummies: 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology de Paul G. Bahn
Trapped in the Valley of the Kings de Blue Jones
Treasures of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings: Cultural Travel Guide (Rizzoli Art Guide) de Kent R. Weeks
Treasures of Tutankhamun: [exhibition catalogue] London, British Museum, 1972. de I. E. S. Edwards
Tut Reborn de Cyci Cade
Tut's Mummy: Lost...and Found (Step into Reading) de Judy Donnelly
Tutankhamen de Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt
Tutankhamen's Treasure de Howard Carter
Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of the Boy-King de Christine El Mahdy
Tutankhamun de David Murdoch
Tutankhamun : the golden beyond : tomb treasures from the Valley of the Kings de André Wiese
Tutankhamun and the Valley of the Kings de Otto Neubert
The Tutankhamun Deception de Gerald O'Farrell
Tutankhamun the Exodus Conspiracy: The Truth Behind Archaeology's Greatest Mystery de Andrew Collins
Tutankhamun's Tomb (Double Take) de Alan MacDonald
Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Its Treasures de I. E. S. Edwards
Tutankhamun: The Untold Story de Thomas Hoving
Valley of the Kings de Cecelia Holland
Valley of the Kings de John Romer
Valley of the Kings de Fabio Bourbon
The Valley of the Kings (Digging Up the Past) de Peter A. Clayton
The Valley of the Kings and Queens de Giovanna Magi
Valley of the Kings since Howard Carter proceedings of the Luxor Symposium, November 4, 2009 de Mamdūḥ ad- Damāṭī
Valley of the Kings Valley of the Queens English Edition
The Valley of the Kings: Horizon of Eternity de Erik Hornung
The Valley of the Kings: The Tombs and the Funerary of Thebes West de Kent R. Weeks
Valley of the Sun Kings: New Explorations in the Tombs of the Pharaohs de Richard H. Wilkinson
The Visitors de Sally Beauman
When Egypt Ruled the East de George Steindorff
Wonderful Things: The Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb de Polly Cone