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My Library, or rather, Our Library is just a Private Family Library that started the year I was pregnant with our oldest son and has only grown into a very large and some what eclectic collection of Books and Movies. We have named our library LnK Family Library, as we are a blended family now of 6 which has added to the wide variety of genres covered in our collection. There has only been a few rules for the items in our collection, first and foremost is never under any circumstance write, color, highlight, fold, tear, or any other purposely committed damage to any book or other media that we have possession of (backstory, I worked at our public library for 6 1/2 years and it always drove me crazy what people would do to the items they borrowed). Next rule, there isn't and really has never been a restriction on content per say, I have and still do limit sexual and violence levels depending on the child's age and maturity level, but I have never said and probably never will say that an item "isn't allowed in our library", because to me that is being disrespectful to that items creators and especially if I haven't read, heard or watched it to actually have a valid opinion of it goes against everything I believe in. (For example, if my husband backs the item and I disagree with it, ultimately the item is allowed in our library.) I have taught my children from day one that books, movies, TV shows, music, etc are all works of art just like the paintings in a museum, and since they are works of art they should be treated with respect for the artist that created them and the subject matters that they cover. It by no means that just because we watch this movie or read that book that we belief in or back that opinion, but rather we have open eyes, ears and minds to hear/see the opinion provided to us to then and only then decide if we are for or against or neutral on that subject matter. With this philosophy my kids have had a wide range of material with a wide range of opinions and ideas on a multitude of subjects at their disposal, which to me as a parent has proven to be one of my biggest goals for my children. I want them to grow into their own opinions and beliefs because they have been given access to the information needed to obtain an actual opinion or belief system on the subject and not have that opinion or belief because that is what I, their dad, or any family member thinks and believes in. I do not want my children to be followers to belief systems just because I want them to have a belief system that they can back and support with all their hearts and souls because they have done their due diligence and have been able to decide for themselves, and I will always respect that. Our children are still growing which means our collection is still growing and with so many devices and formats available now days it has been exceeding more difficult to find, keep track of, and even remember if we own any item anymore. So, since I just rambled on, .....

Long story short, this is the LnK Family Library collection of books and movies from a wide range of topics and artists, and I am cataloging them on LibraryThing to not only help me in keeping track of all of our items but also help our children continue to enjoy and discover new things from the items that we own. I will include, sometime down the road after all other items are cataloged, my personal "read before I die" list which is honestly compiled of many items that have been on the "banned books" list over the years, and if we are to be completely honest it is completely out of spite I do this and a valid teaching moment for my children. I mean, my opinion is no book or item should ever be banned, period. Respect books and all media for what they are, even 200 year old non fiction medical books are valid even today because they show how much we have grown in that subject just like fiction from 50 to 100 years ago will show our growth as a society, but just because times change doesn't mean that we should not learn from our past, does it? If we don't learn or allow our children to learn the whole story then isn't it inevitable that we as a society stop growing or worse we could start repeating the past...

Again I rambled, and I do apologize for doing so, but hopefully you enjoyed our bio, and look forward to seeing what goodies our collection contains. Just remember that just because we own it or have read it doesn't mean we back it, but rather we have open eyes, ears, minds and respect for our past, present, and future, and above all else a thirst for knowledge and understanding!

Sincenerly with much love and grated for all artists out there,

The LnK Family Library

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