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Biblioteca llegada: Alexander Hamilton

AlexanderHamiltonI és una Biblioteca llegada. Les biblioteques llegades són biblioteques personals de lectors famosos, incorporades al LibraryThing per membres del grup de Biblioteques llegades.

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Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos en las islas i tierra firme del mar oceano de Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas

Pleas of the crown, or, A brief but full account of whatsoever can be found relating to that subject de Sir Matthew Hale

The farmer refuted: or, A more impartial and comprehensive view of the dispute between Great-Britain and the colonies, intended as a further vindication of the Congress: in answer to a letter from A.W. Farmer, intitled A view of the controversy between Great-Britain and her colonies: including a mode of determining the present disputes finally and effectually, &c. de Alexander Hamilton

Jürgen Elert Krusens, verordneten Schulhalters ... Allgemeiner und besonders hamburgischer Contorist welcher von den währungen, münzen, gewigten, maassen, wechsel-arten und usanzen der vornehmsten in und ausser Europa gelegenen städte und länder, nicht nur eine umständliche nachricht ertheilet de Jürgen Elert Kruse

Congress of the United States: begun and held at the city of New-York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. The conventions of a number of the states having at the time of their adopting the Constitution expressed a desire ... that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added ... Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives ... that the following articles be proposed to the legislatures of the several states as amendments to the Constitution de United States (Congress)

The Secretary of the Treasury, to whom were referred by the House of representatives, the several petitions specified in the list herewith, praying the renewal of certain certificates which are alledged to have been destroyed or lost, respectfully makes the following report thereon de United States (Treasury Department)

A reply to Lucius Junius Brutus' Examination of the president's answer to the New Haven remonstrance with an appendix, containing the number of collectors, naval officers, surveyors, supervisors, district attornies and marshals in the United States, shewing how many incumbents are Republicans and how many are Federalists de Leonidas

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EtiquetesPolitics and Government (140), United States (130), Law (99), Great Britain (78), Finance (60), Law Reports (27), History (25), Literature (21), Court of King's Bench (20), Essays (17) — mostra totes les etiquetes

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Quant a miAlexander Hamilton (11 January 1757 - 12 July 1804), attorney and statesman. Aide-de-camp to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, first American Secretary of the Treasury, and chief author of The Federalist.

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Unless otherwise indicated (in Comments), the books included in this LT collection are those deposited at Columbia University in 1955 by Alexander Hamilton III (for the use of the Hamilton Papers Publication Project), and in February 1973 given to Columbia by Elizabeth Peltz Hamilton, the widow of Alexander Hamilton III.

The collection as given included a number of books printed after Alexander Hamilton's death in 1804; those have not been included here. Materials in the collection printed prior to Hamilton's death have been included, with the necessary (and vital) caveat that some copies may not have belonged to AH during his lifetime.

Titles from Columbia's collection not included in that main gift, and other titles not at Columbia, are so noted in Comments. These are mostly those titles gleaned from a thorough examination of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, edited by Harold Syrett et al. (Columbia University Press, 1961-1987) and a list included in The Law Practice of Alexander Hamilton, edited by Julius Goebel, Jr. (Columbia University Press, 1964), I:849-867. The most complete list of AH's library is a list of 10 "deficient books" sought by AH in a letter to Richard Varick, 16 June 1795. See LPAH I:851-852.

Note on serials: the collection as given to Columbia includes a number of individual serial publications (usually single issues) which contain articles relating to Hamilton's life and career. These single issues (probably gathered by descendants) are not included in this catalog, but several runs of periodicals which are likely to have been in Hamilton's collection are included.

In his book Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State: Volume Six (American Tradition and Innovation with Contemporary Import and Foreground) (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004), pp. 213-216 (notes pp. 395-397) A. London Fell examines Hamilton's library in general, and notes the troublesome nature of the Columbia collection: "The Columbia books with imprints prior to [AH's] death date in 1804 cannot be assumed to have belonged to him, although they may well have." He concludes, though (n. 57, p. 397), that because other Hamilton books did not make their way to the Library of Congress (which holds many of his papers) it is "all the more likely that the unique Columbia collection of Hamilton books does indeed include the vast bulk of what survives from Alexander's own collection as passed on to his family." Fell adds that Hamilton "undoubtedly had a substantial collection of legal and related books that have not survived either at Columbia or at the Library of Congress."

In the introductory note to the list of law books in The Legal Papers of Alexander Hamilton I:849, the editors note that a list of at least the legal titles may have existed at one time, but if so, it has been lost. Some of AH's books are believed to have been donated to the Irving Library Association in the 1870s, but this organization has not been identified with certainty.

In a "Statement of my property and Debts," made by Hamilton on 1 July 1804, he estimated the value of his "Furniture and Library" at $3,000.

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