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Tony Wilson
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Favorite authors (not Brian McGilloway??)

The Leakey Family - esp. Richard, Mary & Louis
Bob Brier
Bryan Sykes
Brian M Fagan
Stephen Oppenheimer
Dean Falk
Martin Jones
Jon Kalb
Chris. Stringer
Don Johanson
Roger Lewin
Mike Morwood
Raymond Dart
Philip Tobias
John Hawks
Francis Pryor
Steven Mithen
David Lewis-Williams
Toby Wilkinson
Michael Hoffman
John Hawkes
Barry Cunliffe
and, of course, Charles Robert Darwin!!
Ian Mortimer
Dan Jones
Robert Hazen

And, certainly not:
Alice Roberts
Richard Dawkins
Neil Oliver
Thor Heyerdahl.
About Me
In a former life I was an Assistant headteacher in a local comprehensive school. Now a 'histophile' - usually ancient stuff but sometimes have a quick foray into more modern periods.
Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK
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