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Jun 25, 2013
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Curse of The Salute
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Curse of The Salute is an account into the life of Dick Frank, a fisherman by birthright; who must overcome obstacles both real and supernatural to put an end to the evil that encompasses the fishing vessel that he and his father have worked most of their lives on. The haunting spirits that wreak disease and death must be stopped, and Dick is willing to forfeit all he knows to try to save family and friends.

OBTRUSION - What do we really know about the true beginning of life on planet earth? A diverse group of people are thrown together through a series of catastrophic events and in their quest for survival and truth, discover that there is more truth than fiction to the myths of aliens among us, and how we came to be.
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Anastacia Moore is an award winning novelist of "Curse of The Salute" She writes fiction based on her own true life experiences, such as working as a fisher'woman' on board a commercial tuna boat out of Charleston, Oregon. She has fought wildfires in the mountains of Oregon, worked in the legal field, financial field, and spent over 30 years in the graphic design and printing industry. Always hungry to write, she is now focused solely on producing exciting, thought provoking novels definitely bound to be best sellers.
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