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The Tower and the Hive (Tower & the hive) (The Talents, book 8) de Anne McCaffrey

Get off the Unicorn (shortstories) de Anne McCaffrey

Mio min Mio de Astrid Lindgren

Damia's children (The Talents, book 6) de Anne McCaffrey

Black trillium (Trillium series, book 1) de Marion Zimmer Bradley

Fralandsvind de Henrik Nordbrandt

Brødrene Løvehjerte de Astrid Lindgren

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Col·leccionsRead as school curriculum (in the 1990'es) (3), From my childhood (4), La teva biblioteca (461), Read on maternity leave with Mira (5), Read while pregnant with Mira (24), Acquired with my children in mind (16), From my childhood home (11), ExLibris (37), In the attic (30), Doublet (35), These books moved on (6), Per llegir (255), Llegit, però no el tinc (74), Owned and read (180), Owned and listened to (8), Read more than once (49), Didn't finish in first try (7), Translation needed (1), Cover scan needed (73), Wanted in orig. language (12), Wanted in Danish (3), Audiobooks (1), eBooks (31), Comics (8), Manga (1), Japanese-Chinese shelves (54), New age shelves (1), Lyric poetry (21), Very small format (11), Non-fiction, large formats (4), Fiction, large formats (17), Non-fiction (26), Fiction (285), Fiction, unread (39), Preferits (44), Totes les col·leccions (570)

RessenyesNo n'hi ha cap

Etiquetesgenre: fantasy (167), genre: bildungsroman (91), genre: doomsday narrative (81), #1 (80), meta: shortstories (75), genre: science fiction (72), subject: anthropomorphism (54), place: Japan 日本 (52), place: East Asia (45), tag me (38) — mostra totes les etiquetes

SuportLlibre (569), Llibre en paper (549), Audiollibre (1), Llibre electrònic (19), Altres (1), Mapa (1)

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Quant a miMy apartment's full of books, on shelves and in piles on the floor whenever I don't have anymore shelf space, which happens regularly.

I never throw out books, but I've had to store a box of them in the attic once or twice (Mostly crime fiction I won't need to read again in many years because I remember the plot far too well).

I started "LT'ing" in 2007 and I'm still only about halfway through cataloging my books. It didn't help when LT added all those juicy Common Knowledge metadata fields: Made me start all over with cleaning up metadata on all the books I had already gone through once.

It seems like approximately every 6 months I remember the existence of LT and start cataloging new books.

And Heureka(!), at some point I've found the perfect setup for quickly inputting *any and every* data about my books via the "Your books" display, going through "style" A to D for every book.

I love sharing knowledge on first/last words, alternative titles, blurbers, etc. My life's too short for important persons/places/events and that stuff, but I like reading what you fellows out there input in the books we have in common. With all the possibilities for metadata in LT, I will probably never finish inputting all metadata about all my books, but I try anyway.

One project is scanning all the covers of my old and obscure editions whose covers aren't on the www

I'm a Combiner, though more at heart than in action: It's too easy to be caught up combining all night and get no sleep, but also impractical, right?

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
I own a couple handfuls of audiobooks and eBooks, the rest are good old fashioned paper editions that you can touch and hug and sort in different ways and spend too much time on by calculating the height of each shelf in order to storing the books most efficiently and worry about if your future children and grandchildren will find reason to read them, too. In short, I love them :3

I input the number of pages of books in my own way, not the conventional one, meaning I count the numbered pages in the front and end of the book and subtract all that aren't of the story (title pages, blanks, appetizers, etc.). I call it counting "significant pages".

Among my tags these are closest to my heart, "mine kæpheste":

[anthropomorphism] (when animals or things are/come alive)
[bildungsroman] (occurs especially often in fantasy)
[causality] (in the Buddhist philosophical meaning)
[creation myth]s (there's one in every culture, two in the christian mythology)
[doomsday narrative]s (oh no, our world's about to end!)
[consequences of war] (both in fiction and non-fiction)
[cyber]/cyberpunk (Philip K. Dick, William Gibson)
[steampunk] (Jules Verne, Phil & Kaja Foglio)
[dante reference]s (he's everywhere!)
[slægtsroman]er (family sagas)
[treasure hunt]s (is every struggle for achievement in fact a treasure hunt? Or are they just alchemy?)
[zoomorphism] (the opposite of anthropomorphism)

[caricature]s + [irony] in literature
[experimental] literature
[narrative]s and even [humorous narrative]s
[frame narrative]s, especially popular a handful of centuries ago
works about [the great thinkers]
[autobiography] vs. [biography]

[24 episodes] (for reading in December)
[books as art] (pretty pictures and cut-away layouts)

Keeping track of the differences in [saga], [edda], [fairy tales] (passed down or written), [fables], [myth], [mythology], [symbolism], [omens], [occult] and plain [superstition].

These tags aren't the most used in my collection, but they're the most fun to assign! Whenever I've catalogued a few shelves of books and assigned them the obvious tags, I go through them again with the above mentioned list in mente, hoping to expand my "kæpheste-tagged" collection.

My list(s):

GrupsBlank Generation, Combiners!, Comics, Cyberpunks, Denmark, Favorite Bookstores, Japanese Literature, Librarians who LibraryThing, Librarians-in-Training who LibraryThing, LibraryThing Challengesmostra tots els grups

Autors preferitsMarion Zimmer Bradley, Michael Crichton, Peter F. Hamilton, Robin Hobb, Lene Kaaberbøl, Svend Åge Madsen, Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff, Henrik Nordbrandt, Tor Nørretranders, Josefine Ottesen, Dan Simmons, Jakob Martin Strid, J. R. R. Tolkien (Preferits compartits)

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