Ab08;no notes (34), Ab36 (30), no notes (26), Ab16;no notes (24), Ab10;no notes (23), General GC4 34 (23), AB01; none (21), Ab18;no notes (19), Ab21;no notes (17), Ab15;no notes (16), Ab34 (15), Ab14;no notes (14), Ab02;none (13), none (12), ab03;none (9), Ab24;name sticker on 1st page (8), Ab27;no notes (8), Ab31;sticker on front cover (8), Ab20;no notes (7), Ab22;no notes (7), Ab17;no notes (7), AB11;no notes (7), AB29;no notes (6), Ab11;no notes (6), Ab26;name sticker on 1st page (5), ab02;none (5), Ab07;no notes (5), ab04;no notes (5), Ab19;sticker on back cover (5), Ab35 (5), Ab03;no notes (5), AB10;no notes (4), Ab09;no notes (4), AB27;no notes (4), AB31;sticker on back cover (4), Ab25;no notes (4), Ab33;sticker on back of book (4), Ab33;no notes (4), Ab31;no notes (3), Ab31;library stickers and stamps (3), AB31;no notes (3), Ab32;no notes (3), Ab13;no notes (3), Ab24;no notes (3), Ab32;sticker on back cover (3), AB13;no notes (3), ab05;no notes (3), ab28;library stickers and stamps on book (3), ab03; sticker residue on front cover (3), AB25;no notes (3), AB36 (3), AB26;no notes (3), Ab06;no notes (3), library stickers (3), Ab32;library stickers and stamps (2), Ab08'no notes (2), ab03;no notes (2), Ab01; Price sticker on front cover (2), Ab18;writing on inside cover (2), Ab19;no notes (2), Ab32;sticker on front jacket (2), Ab33;sticker on back cover (2), Ab19;sticker on front cover (2), AB28;no notes (2), ab05;price sticker on cover (2), Ab21;sticker on back cover (2), Ab12;no notes (2), Ab04;no notes (2), Ab31;2 stickers on cover (2), AB31;sticker on front cover (2), ab14;no notes (2), Ab30;no notes (2), Ab31;name written on 1st page (1), Ab30;very bad jacket damage (1), AB30;wear on jacket (1), AB31;crayon on 1st page (1), Ab26;name sticker on 1st page;few small tears on jacket (1), Ab31-library stickers and personal message (1), Ab26;small check mark on 1st page (1), Ab31;rm. 208 written on cover (1), AB26;short note on inside cover (1), Ab31;library stickers and stamps; ripped 1st page (1), Ab30;creasing on cover (1), Ab26;no notes (1), Ab26;name written on 1st page; 5 lines of writting on 3rd page (1), AB31;bend on front cover (1), AB31;660 written on front jacket and sticker on back of jacket (1), AB28;75 written on 1st page (1), AB27;bends on cover (1), Ab27;bend on cover corner (1), AB28;tape on top and bottom of jacket;Name written on 1st page;name seal on first page (1), AB28;water damage on inside cover (1), Ab27;bend on corner cover (1), Ab27;name written on 1st page (1), AB31;writting on 1st page (1), Ab27;wear on edges of cover (1), Ab27;price sticker on front cover (1), Ab27;price sticker on back cover (1), Ab27; wear and tears on jacket (1), sticker residue on back cover (1), AB28;tape on jacket but no tear;name written on 1st page;bubbling on inside cover (1), AB28;unknown signature(maybe an autograph) on 1st page (1), AB27;library stickers on book (1), AB29;spine damage; (1), Ab29;jacket has staining and dirt (1), AB29;stamp on inside cover (1), Ab27;price sticker on front cover;small bend on each corner of cover (1), AB29;staining on pages (1), Ab27;bend on cover (1), AB28;name written on 1st page (1), AB28;highlighting in book;tear on jacket (1), ab27;small tear on corner of jacket (1), Ab28;no notes (1), Ab29;no notes (1), Ab33;Sticker on back cover and spine (1), no notes;DVD (1), library stickers and stamps (1), Ab35;no notes (1), name written on 1st page; Name stamp on page (1), tape on jacket;name written on 1st page;name stamp (1), staining on inside cover (1), wear on cover;price sticker on back cover;this book belongs to stamp on inside cover (1), Ab24 (1), small pen line on cover (1), AB33;no notes (1), wear on spine;personal message on inside cover (1), bend on front and back cover (1), small bends on corner cover (1), sticker on front and back cover (1), wear on jacket;sticker on 1st page (1), name written and name stamp on inside cover (1), stamp on inside front and back cover (1), sticker on front cover; stick protective cover on book (1), Ab36;no notes (1), library stamps and sticker (1), Ab36;return address stamp on inside cover (1), sticker residue on back cover; gift tag sticker on inside cover (1), small round orange sticker on front cover (1), Ab36;stamp on inside cover (1), AB36;stamp on inside cover (1), stickere on back cover (1), Ab36;sticker on front cover and name sticker on inisde;has protective stick on book cover (1), Ab36;sticker on front cover and name sticker on inside;name written inside;has protective stick on book cover (1), Ab33;sticker on spine and back of book (1), Ab33;library stickers and stamps on book (1), ab32;sticker on back cover (1), Ab32;name on 1st page;sticker on back jacket (1), ab32;no written on 1st page (1), Ab32;price sticker on back of jacket (1), Ab32 sticker on back and front cover;some underlining (1), Ab32;wear on jacket;sticker on back cover (1), Ab31;sticker on front and back of book (1), Ab31;bend on back cover;sticker on back cover (1), ab31;sticler on front cover;sticker with writing on insidee (1), AB31;library stickers (1), Ab31;sticker on front cover;library stamp on 1st page (1), Ab31;bend on front cover; sticker on back cover (1), Ab31;library stickers; bend on cover (1), Ab32;stickers on front jacket (1), Ab32;school text book (1), Ab33;stamp on inside cover (1), Ab33;stamp on inside cover;price sticker on front cover (1), Ab33;price sticker on front cover (1), Ab33;sticker on front cover (1), Ab33;sticker on front and back cover (1), Ab33;price sticker on back cover (1), Ab33;stains on jacket;sticker on back of jacket (1), sticker on spine;stamp on inside cover;sticker with personal message on 1st page (1), reread written small on 1st page (1), Ab32;sticker on front cover (1), AB33;sticker on front cover;bend on front cover (1), Ab33;sticker on front and back covers (1), Ab33;2 rips on jacket (1), AB31;sticker on back of book (1), Ab25;2 stickers on front cover;1 sticker on back cover (1), AB19;sticker on front cover (1), AB18;price sticker on back cover (1), Ab19;stickers on front and back of jacket (1), Ab19;library stickers in different spots (1), back and spine (1), Ab19;tape on cover;library stickers on front (1), Ab18; no notes (1), Ab18;wear on cover (1), Ab17;name written on 1st page (1), Ab17;writing and high lighting throughout (1), Ab18;small tear on spine (1), Ab18;bend on front corner cover;address label on 1st page (1), Ab18;personal writing on 1st page (1), Ab18;price sticker on back cover (1), Ab19;sticker on back;wear around edges of cover (1), Ab19;sticker on back;tape on spine (1), Ab20;name on 1st page;sticker on back cover (1), Ab20;sticker on back and spine (1), Ab20;wear on spine (1), Ab20;jacket torn (1), AB20;library stickers on front;back and spine;tape;writing (1), Ab20;writing on1st page (1), Ab20;water stain on top of pages (1), Ab19;sticker on back of jacket (1), Ab19;sticker on back (1), Ab19;sticker on front (1), Ab19;stickers on the front and back jacket (1), Ab19;sticker on the back and spine of jacket (1), Ab19;sticker on front and back (1), Ab19;sticker on the back (1), Ab17;sticker on front cover (1), Ab16;address label on 1st page (1), small dirt mark on back cover (1), dirt mark on bottom of book spine (1), tearing marks along jacket edges (1), sticker and writing on first page (1), sticker on first page (1), tear marks on jacket (1), dirt marks on back cover (1), sticker on back cover (1), AB28 (1), bend on cover (1), autographed by Author (1), Autographed by illustrator (1), name written on inside cover (1), price sticker on back cover (1), crease marks along front and back cover (1), stamped print on inside cover and front page (1), ab05;dirt marks on cover and back of book (1), ab05; scuffed/aging marks on front and back cover (1), ab06;yellowed pages from age (1), Ab06;personal message written on 1st page (1), AB06; no notes (1), Ab06;small stain on front cover (1), ab05;10% off sticker on cover (1), ab05;price sticker on back of book (1), ab05;christmas sticker (1), ab05;writing on side cover page and small tears along edges of jacket (1), ab05;slight tear on top of front cover (1), ab05;printed stamp mark on inside of cover (1), ab05;tears on first 3 pages;name written on name line (1), Ab20;marker dot on rim of bottom pages (1), Ab20;wear on jacket (1), Ab24;christmas sticker on cover;personal message on 1st page (1), reread3/18 written on 1st page (1), Ab24; small message on 1st page (1), Ab25;numbers written on inside cover (1), AB25;sticker on front cover (1), Ab25;some underlining on inside cover and 1st page (1), AB24;name written on inside cover (1), AB24;sticker on back jacket (1), ab24;sticker residue on back (1), Ab24;personal on first page (1), Ab24;some underlining and writing in red pencil throughout (1), ab24;name sticker on 1st page (1), Ab24;personal message and signed by author (1), Ab24;name sticker on 1st page;read 2/17 written on 1st page (1), Ab25;262 written on 1st page (1), Ab25;sticker on back cover (1), Ab26;small check mark on inside cover (1), Ab26;name sticker on inside cover;reread 2017 written on inside cover;small tear on back of jacket (1), Ab26;name sticker on 1st page;little wear on jacket rim (1), Ab26;little bit of dirt stain on cover (1), Ab26;small wear on spine of jacket (1), Ab26;bend on front cover corner (1), Ab25;price sticker on cover (1), Ab25;small yellow sticker on front cover (1), ab25;sunfaded strip by spine (1), AB25;sticker on back cover;small tear on bottom spine (1), Ab25;stains on jacket (1), Ab25;discoloration of pages (1), Ab25;small water stain on 1st few pages;wear around rim of cover (1), Ab25;name and numbers written on 1st page (1), Ab24;merry christmas 2010 on 1st page (1), AB24;price sticker on inside cover (1), Ab22;missing string (1), Ab22;small tear on front of jacket (1), Ab22;275 written on 1st page (1), Ab22;wear on cover and edges (1), Ab23;no notes (1), Ab22;sticker on front of jacket (1), Ab22;name on 1st page (1), Ab21;jacket torn on spine (1), Ab20;wear on edges of cover;sticker on back of book (1), Ab20;discoloration on pages (1), Ab20;spine of jacket torn some (1), Ab21;name written on inside (1), Ab21;bend on front cover (1), Ab21;sticker on front and back cover;tear on spine (1), Ab23;tape on parts of jacket (1), Ab23;stamp on 1st page;some underlining (1), Ab24;personal sticker on 1st page with writing that says reread 8/17 (1), Ab24;sticker residue on front cover (1), ab24;personal sticker on 1st page (1), Ab24;Personal message from Author;signes by Author (1), Ab24;small tear on cover (1), ab24;no notes (1), Ab23;Personal sticker on inside cover (1), Ab23;little bit of water stain on top of pages (1), AB23;name on 3rd page (1), Ab23;wear on cover a spine;sticker on inside cover (1), Ab23;part of jacket is missing;tape on jacket;name written inside and a personal name stamp (1), Ab23;some wear around edges of book (1), Ab23;name written on 3rd page;tape on top and bottom of jacket (1), Ab26;name sticker on 1st page;small tear on jacket (1)
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