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Quantum Leap 10: Pulitzer de L. Elizabeth Storm

Black Panther (2016-2018) #003 de Ta-Nehisi Coates

ST: TOS - Vulcan's Heart de Josepha Sherman

Shadowmagic 3: The Sons of Macha de John Lenahan

Babylon 5 RPG and Fact Book: Signs and Portents de Matthew Sprange

B. C. 16: - Great Zot I'm Beautiful de Johnny Hart

Mere Christianity de C. S. Lewis

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Quant a miI was born in 1981, have Asperger Syndrome like qualities and am still largely who I was at High School at the end of 1998. I still keep to myself most of the time, enjoy reading and can sit for hours at a stretch watching DVDs. In the way of changes though, I actually go out of my own free will to spend time with people now and am willing to travel (sometimes) with little motivation.

I comment privately only because it seems the 'better' choice, especially as it's not possible (that I've found) to change comments on your profile from public to private or vice versa. Write what you want, how you want (within TOS) on my page.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
The listing here is (as best as I can tell) a complete, accurate (corrections would be welcome if you see a problem) and up to date listing of all my books as one of the first things I do upon getting a new book is add it here. Far to many are books that I haven't yet read and while I have started to make some headway with them it's going to take a while. I've had some for half my life.
The "Read but unowned" collection was initially added from old .txt file data and at the time it was added increased the books I had listed by about 30%. The edition specifics are far less accurate with them.

At the moment my actual library (books I own) is about 40% Star Trek novels, most of the rest is other Science-Fiction or Fantasy with a small amount being Christian in background. The number of Children's books is surprising when considering the improbability of me being a father at any point.
And it's unfortunately half boxed due to me not having the bookcases, or space in my room, for the books to be on display the way I would prefer.

Any combining/uncombining I've done involving languages other than English was done with the aid of Wikipedia (and possibly other sites), if I made a mistake I apologise.

After spending a couple of days doing very little besides working on the newly implemented series feature when it was first released I tapered off significantly. My all time contribution count is quite high though, largely because I'll spend time at the newly created series page and fix errors in formatting or add more from the series that appear there.

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Autors preferitsIsaac Asimov, Philippa Ballantine, Lois McMaster Bujold, Nicole Ciacchella, Susan Cooper, Stephen R. Donaldson, Arthur Conan Doyle, David Eddings, C. S. Lewis, Anne McCaffrey, Randall Munroe, Roger Taylor, Jay Williams (Preferits compartits)

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Llistes de preferitsFavorite Childhood Books

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Membre des deMay 15, 2007

Llegint actualmentDiscworld 12: Witches Abroad de Terry Pratchett
Babylon 5 RPG and Fact Book: Signs and Portents de Matthew Sprange

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