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Nov 30, 2010
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Sobre la meva biblioteca
About a month after I added all of my physically-owned books to LT, I did a huge cull and got rid of at least half of them. Rather than try to sort through it, I decided I'd just start fresh, so until I have the time, I don't yet have a collection reflecting the books on my shelves. (I also haven't decided if I should include my ebooks!)

I primarily use LT to catalogue my to-be-read list (which I have as my 'wishlist'): these are the only books that have tags declaring genre, author nationality, etc.. I like having my 'pool of potentials' at my fingertips. :)

I began keeping tracks of the books I was reading in 2006, so I use the 'Books Read but not Owned' collection to show everything I've read since then, regardless of whether it's currently in my possession (although mass import must've missed a few, since the numbers don't match). The only tag I add is for the year I read it in, but books from 2011 onwards might have more tags if they were already in another LT collection before I read them. I haven't added star ratings to my backlist, but I do add star ratings as I enter my books read in 2012.

I keep the 'Currently Reading' collection pretty up to date! I usually have several books going at once (one audio and up to five non-audio).

Finally, I'm keeping track of books from the library using the 'to read' collection. This is primarily for the Library Loot feature I do on my blog each week. As such, I tag them with the date.
Sobre mi
I'm a twenty-something life-long reader who has been book blogging since 2007. While I read a variety of books, I'm most drawn to international authors, older fiction, mysteries, fantasy, and nonfiction related to global issues, women's studies, popular science, and social justice. I absolutely love books that make me think or introduce me to new points of view, but I mix plenty of 'comfort' reads in as well.

I'm currently unable to work do to a chronic illness, which leaves me stuck in the house (I live at home with my parents, sister, and niece) a lot. Fortunately, I've got a comfy oversized armchair, an adorable little dog named Thistle, stacks of books to read, and all of the pots of tea I care to make! Not to mention a laptop with internet access, which allows me to connect and chat with bookish people all over the world. :)
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