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Our Children's library serves the community just like a public library. We have a full range of materials for all school aged children as well as a limited adult selection in the main community room. We have fiction, non-fiction, picture books,young adult novels, reference materials, computer access, and more.

The photo at the top right is the patron of the week. This week is Peyton the first person to learn to use Library Thing here at BUCC! Way to go Peyton!

Come and get your library card today!
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Hi! I'm Nell Fleming and I'm the Library Vista Worker with Step by Step. I was your librarian for the calendar year 2009.

I'm so sad to be leaving! I'll miss you all. You'll have a new library VISTA soon who can assist you but in the mean time please use our self check out system which is explained on the bulletin board outside the library.

Pick a book, take the card out of the back, write the date, and your name on it and place it in the metal box on top of the filing cabinet. If there is no card, make your own card by writing the title and author at the top of a card located next to the metal box.

When you return the book, place the card back in the book and put it on the return cart. It's that simple! If you need assistance, please ask any VISTA or SBS staff and they will be glad to help you out.

If you have any questions for me, I'm happy to help and you can reach me at

Don't forget our out yearly Operation Read West Virginia project!
Big Ugly Creek, Harts, WV
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