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I've been collecting books since before I could read. My library has grown over the years, but it has also had periods of loss. Although many of my books were purchased new, I do frequent used book sales and flea markets. I'm not picky, I just love books, and you never know what you can find in a box of "crap" at garage sales!
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My username pretty much says it all. I've been in love with books and language for as long as I can remember. I'm not a fan of libraries, since I don't like giving the books back, and I don't swap books to strangers until I see their own libraries. I've loaned out too many books that have been returned chewed, ripped, stained, and generally destroyed. So please don't ask me to join any kind of swapping website.
MO, CA, and wherever life takes me!
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Llibreries: The Book Barn, The Book Barn Downtown