Sobre la meva biblioteca
Well, it's bigger than the 116 books I currently have uploaded, that's for sure!
Will add to it when time allows.

My library is an eclectic collection of classics, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, popular science, art, history, children's books
and comics. The larger (uncatalogued) part consists of books in Russian, with books in English forming much of the rest (and some German and French ones mixed in for good measure).

My ratings:
***** = excellent / loved it, will re-read
**** = very good / enjoyed it
***1/2 = a special category for easy, fun reads, lacking aspirations for Serious Literature-ness
*** = mediocre to nice
** = bad
* = Chronicles of Narnia or 100 Years of Solitude. Not bad books (these would go into the 2-stars category) but rather books which created in me a strong sense of aversion, or which I couldn't bring myself to finish. I might re-read these in the future (especially if they are considered good by pretty much everybody else), to see if that feeling has changed.
Sobre mi
I'm 26 years old, was born in Russia and am now living in Israel. I'm a musician by profession and a linguist/translator by hobby.
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