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the fortunes of men are cyclical" (1), "Like the land (1), Thorough biographies of the men who raised the Iwo Jima flag--Feb 23 (1), 4 stars ONLY if you are interested in bees (1), honey and those who care about bees. (1), this could be pretty depressing but...a realistic view we may all encounter (1), Depending on your age (1), MPR Talk Show. Listening to the audio tape is the only way to go! (1), history/love of honey (1), SanFrancisco Conservatory of Music lectures (1), 4 N Jersy imposter girls go to Monte Carlo (1), Invasion of Afghan Kindom etc. (1), Alexander's Army (1), "Flick" vs. Dieter Werner (1), Clemson brothers (1), Journalist tries to live on minimum wage (2008) (1), plot to kill the president (1), Gracie's abduction (1), someday. (1), Motivational guide for older beginner writers (1), A long time favorite since high school (1), Another book that eveyone should read (1), Running with Scissors was better than Dry Magical Thinking (1), I did not want the book to end. (1), Scary infomation. Photos are even more frightening. Do you think this is true? (1), Second Watch (1), The Love Wife (1), (1), Wow. A book for everyone. (1), excellent book on the grounds of the WTC after 9/11. (1), poison frogs to kangaroos. (1), EXCELLENT book...short stories about wildlife and the vets who care for them.....octopus to camels (1), One of the top 10 books I've ever read. Perhaps it's the teacher in me. (1), Steven Pressfield tells us the truth (1), ........especially if you feel resistance (1), A book that every and anyone can benefit from ...if you are living in the world TODAY! (1), procrastination or use your creativity in anything you do...and we're ALL creative about something!! (1), 300 years ago (1), dad's ghost (1), Machu Picchu (1), Phillip (1), Taj Mahal (1), grandson (1), Tikal (1), Nazi (1), Ethopia (1), new millenium (1), 1934 (1), Facts (1), Memoir (1), 2 (1), history (1), WWII (1), 1945 (1), One of my favorite books (1), Norway (1), Vietnam (1), Depression (1), Killed mother (1), begin a new order (1), Special agent Kathryn Dance (1), Unusual gift..7 boys see dead (1), construction site reveals bodies (1), You Tube etc. (1), Effects of MySpace (1), 1830's to present day "reserections" (1), Civil war in Sudan (1), Valentino Achak..Ethopia (1), Wikipedia (1), Excellent (1), Audio book (1), Flickr (1), Sir John Fielding Mystery (1), 14 year old...looks down from heaven (1), Mt. Ararat (1), college (1)
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Jul 31, 2008
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Half of my 'reading' is done via audio books. I believe the reader's voice adds quite a bit to the storyline and you can get a great deal of yard work or housework accomplished while enjoying a good book! I also listen to books while driving. It helps when you are stuck in traffic or....when you are on a long trip. John Lee is my favorite reader of all time and Scott Brick is a close second.

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