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Charlie Chaplin de Peter Ackroyd

Breakfast at Tiffany's de Truman Capote

Two Caravans de Marina Lewycka

Beyond Black de Hilary Mantel

Indian Creek Chronicles: A Winter Alone in the Wilderness de Pete Fromm

Broken Estate de James Wood

Dear Life de Alice Munro

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My 2020 reading thread starts here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/314750

Currently reading

A Promised Land (Barack Obama)
Not a Novel: Collected Writings and Reflections (Jenny Erpenbeck)
Three Women and a Boat (Anne Youngson)

Walter Gropius (Fiona MacCarthy)
Port William Stories and novels (Wendell Berry)
Gathering Moss (Robin Wall Kimmerer) (Essays)
The Making of Poetry (Adam Nicholson)
Albion (Peter Ackroyd)

Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth)
12 Rules for Life (Jordan B Peterson)

When Things Fall Apart (Pem Chödrön)
W H Auden (Humphrey Carpenter)
Figuring (Maria Popova)
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (Baird T Spalding)
Selected Poems (Denise Riley)
Tiny Habits (B J Fogg)
Always Coming Home (Ursula K Le Guin)

Slow reads

*Kintsugi (Tomás Navarro) - reading each chapter several times. Gaps in between.
*Blind Spot (Teju Cole) - Photo's and mini-essays. Half through.
*Portraits (John Berger) ROOT about a third through these wonderful essays. Some things I just don't want to rush.

I'm always reading several books at a time, some get left aside for long periods and then are returned to.

Read in 2020

Agatha (Anne Catherine Bomann) (02/01/20) ***1/2
When the Tree Falls (Jane Clarke) (poetry) (04/01/20) ****
Deaf Republic (Ilya Kaminsky) (04/01/20) (poetry) ROOT ****1/2
Girl, Woman, Other (Bernardine Evaristo) (17/01/20) *****
100 Poems: Seamus Heaney (20/01/20) (poetry) ROOT ****1/2
Square Haunting (Francesca Wade) (23/01/20) *****
Motherwell (Deborah Orr) (25/01/20) ****
Fast Talking PI (Selina Tusitala Marsh) (26/01/20) (poetry) ***1/2
The Decent of Man (Grayson Perry) (31/01/20) ROOT ***1/2
The Secrets of my Life (Caitlyn Jenner, with Buzz Bissinger) (01/02/20) ****
The River Capture (Mary Costello) (03/02/20) ****1/2
Serious Noticing (James Woods) (15/02/20) *****
The Perseverance (Raymond Antrobus) (poetry) (15/02/20) ****
Mazel Tov (J S Margot) (16/02/20) ***1/2
And How are you, Dr Sacks?( Lawrence Weschler) (23/02/20) ****
Gratitude (Oliver Sacks) (reread) (essays) ROOT (23/02/20) ****1/2
The Lost Pianos of Siberia (Sophy Roberts) (01/03/20) ****1/2
The Memory Police (Yoko Ogawa) (08/03/20) ***1/2
Our House is on Fire (Malena Ernman, Greta Thunberg and family) (10/03/20) ****
Recollections of my Non-Existence (Rebecca Solnit) (15/03/20) ****1/2
The Narrow Land (Christine Dwyer Hickey) (23/03/20) ****1/2
A Judgement in Stone (Ruth Rendell) (28/03/20) ****
Fair Play (Tove Jansson) (01/04/20) reread ROOT ****
Hamnet (Maggie O'Farrell) (12/04/20) ****
Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation: A History of Literary Paris in the 1920s and 30s (Noel Riley Fitch) (18/04/20) ROOT ****1/2
The Bell in the Lake (Lars Mytting) (27/04/20) ****
The Point of Rescue (Sophie Hannah) (08/5/20) ROOT ***
What Time Is It? (John Berger/Selçuk Demirel) (12/05/20) ***1/2
The Education of an Idealist (Samantha Power) (16/05/20) ****1/2
Ankomst (Arrival) (Gøhril Gabrielsen) (18/05/20) ***1/2
A Portable Paradise (Roger Robinson) (poetry) (18/05/20) *****
One Long River of Song (Brian Doyle) (23/05/20) ****1/2
The Shepherd's Hut (Tim Winton) (23/05/20) ****
The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (Kim Michele Richardson) (27/05/20) ****1/2
Pew (Catherine Lacey) (31/05/20) ****
In the Bleak Midwinter (Julia Spencer Fleming) (03/06/20) ROOT ****
House of Glass (Hadley Freeman) (06/06/20) *****
The Fountain Filled with Blood (Julia Spencer-Fleming) (15/06/20) (Kindle) ***1/2
What is the Grass: Walt Whitman in my Life (Mark Doty) (17/06/20) ****
A Stranger City (Linda Grant) (25/06/20) ***1/2
Possession (AS Byatt) (reread) (01/07/20) ROOT
Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist (Sunil Yapa) (09/07/20) ****
The Group (Lara Feigel) (13/07/20) ****
The Trick to Time (Kit de Waal) (16/07/20) ****
I, Tituba (Maryse Condé) (20/07/20) ****1/2
Travellers (31/07/20) (reread) ROOT ****1/2
Beneath the Bleeding (Val McDermid) (03/08/20) ***1/2
The Argonauts (Maggie Nelson] (04/08/20) ****1/2
Lote (Shola Von Reinhold) (15/08/20) ****
Magpie Lane (Lucy Atkins) (17/08/20) ****
Unfinished Business: Notes of a Chronic Re-Reader (Vivian Gornick) (20/08/20) ****
Derek Jarman: My Garden's Boundaries are the Horizon (23/08/20) ****
Writers and Lovers (Lily King) (27/08/20) ****1/2
Human Voices (Penelope Fitzgerald) (29/08/20) ***1/2
How to be an Antiracis] (Ibram X Kendi) (31/08/20) ****1/2
To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters (Suzanne Fagence Cooper) (04/09/20) ****1/2
Dandelion Wine (Ray Bradbury) (05/09/20) *****
The INFJ Writer: Cracking the Creative Genius of the World's Rarest Type (Lauren Sapala) (14/09/20) ****1/2
Vesper Flights (Helen MacDonald) (Essays) (22/09/20) ****1/2
In Love with George Eliot (Kathy O'Shaughnessy) (26/09/20) ****1/2
The Thursday Murder Club (Richard Osman) (04/10/20) ****
Things Fall Apart (China Achebe) ROOT (07/10/20) ***1/2
Piranesi] (Susannah Clarke) (*) ****
[The Innocents] (Michael Crummey) (19/10/20) ****
[Invisible Women] (Caroline Criado Perez) (26/10/20) *****
[Jack] (Marilynne Robinson) (31/10/20) ****
[On Connection] (Kae Tempest) (05/11/20) *****
[How Not to be a Boy] (Robert Webb) (18/11/20) ***1/2
[Dearly] (Margaret Atwood) (poetry) (19/11/20) ****
[Susan Sontag: Her Life] (Benjamin Moser) (23/11/20) *****
[Walking with Ghosts] (Gabriel Byrne) (25/11/20) ****

Total: 71

Fiction: 35
Non-Fiction: 29
Poetry: 7
Female: 45
Male: 24
F&M: 1
Gender Fluid: 2
ROOT: 12
London Library (LL):
Other loan:

Danish: 1
Ireland: 3
Ukraine/Russian: 1
Black British: 4
N Ireland: 1
Ireland: 1
UK: 23
Scotland: 2
Polynesia: 1
US: 20
Belgian: 1
Japan: 1
Sweden: 1
Finnish: 1
Norwegian: 2
Australia: 1
Guadeloupe/French: 1
Nigeria: 2
Canada: 2



Best of 2019 (of 80 reads):

My Name is Asher Lev (Chaim Potok) ROOT *****
The Samurai's Garden (Gail Tsukiyama) ****1/2
The Great Believers (Rebecca Makkai) *****
The Prince of Tides (Pat Conroy) ROOT ****1/2
Killing Commendatore (Haruki Murakami) ****
The Woman Upstairs (Claire Messud) ****1/2

The Library Book (Susan Orlean) (US) ****
One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner (Jay Parini) ROOT ****1/2
Walking With the Wind (John Lewis) ROOT *****
Becoming Beauvoir (Kate Kirkpatrick) (22/08/18) *****
How the World Thinks (Julian Baggini) (03/11/19) ****1/2
Self-Portrait (Celia Paul) (12/11/19) ****1/2

Lord of the Butterflies (Andrea Gibson) (US)(poetry) *****

The Odyssey (Homer) trans Emily Wilson ROOT *****


Best of 2018 (of 86 books)

The Lost Words (Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris) *****
Kenneth Clark: Life, Art, Civilisation (James Stourton) ****1/2
The Three Lives of Dylan Thomas (Hilly James) ****
The Salt Path (Raynor Winn) ****
Free Woman: Life, Liberation and Doris Lessing (Lara Feigel) ****1/2
Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel (Annie Cohen-Solal)****
Conversations on Writing (Ursula K. Le Guin) ****1/2
The Perfect Summer (Juliet Nicholson) ****1/2
Call Them by Their True Names (Rebecca Solnit) ****1/2
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Reni Eddo-Lodge) *****
Brief Answers To The Big Questions (Stephen Hawking) *****
Becoming (Michelle Obama) ****
What Truth Sounds Like (Michael Eric Dyson) ****1/2
Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire (Akala) ****1/2

White Houses (Amy Bloom) ****1/2
Meet Me at the Museum (Anne Youngson) ****
The Overstory (Richard Powers) *****
Warlight (Michael Ondaatje) ****1/2
The Lighthousekeeper's Daughters (Jean Pendziwol) ****1/2
Love is Blind (William Boyd) ****
Take Nothing With You (Patrick Gale) ****

Rereads: Fiction and Non-Fiction
The Guernsey Literary. And Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer) ****1/2
A View of the Harbour (Elizabeth Taylor) ****1/2
Remarkable Creatures (Tracy Chevalier) ****
A Room of One's Own (Virginia Woolf) (reread) *****
The Great Gatsby (38th read, I read it every year) *****

The Carrying (Ada Limon)*****

Best of 2017 (94 books read, 23,492 pages)


A Gentleman in Moscow (Amor Towles) ****1/2
The Golden Age (Joan London) ****1/2
Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie)****
Homegoing (Yaa Gyasi) *****


Utopia for Realists (Rutger Bregman) ****1/2
Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson) ****1/2 ROOT
Plot 29 (Allan Jenkins) (03/05/17) ****1/2
Politics: Between the Exremes (Nick Clegg) ****1/2
The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry *****
Hope in the Dark (Rebecca Solnit) (Essays) *****
The Mother of all Questions (Rebecca Solnit) (Essays) *****
What Happened (Hillary Rodham Clinton) ****1/2
At the Existentialist Café (Sarah Bakewell) ****1/2 ROOT
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage (Ann Patchett) (Essays)) ****1/2
Out of the Wreckage (George Monbiot) ****1/2
Why Buddhism is True (Richard Wright) ****1/2


Say Something Back (Denise Riley) (Poetry) ****1/2 ROOT
Bone (Yrsa Daley-Ward) (Poetry) *****

Best of 2016 (of 69 books read (17,693 pages))


The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris (David McCullough) ****1/2
Gratitude (Oliver Sacks) *****
On the Move (Oliver Sacks) ****1/2
A House Full of Daughters (Juliet Nicholson) *****
The Lonely City (Olivia Laing) (Kindle) ****1/2
James Baldwin in Turkey (photographer: Sedat Pakay/ text various) *****
The Trip to the Echo Spring (Olivia Laing) ****1/2
Bowie/Collector (Various) *****
Unforbidden Pleasures (Adam Phillips) ****1/2


The Noise of Time (Julian Barnes) ****
1984 (George Orwell) (reread) ***** ROOT
The Whistling Season (Ivan Doig) AAC ****
The Red Chairs (Edna O'Brien) ****1/2
The Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury) ****1/2 ROOT
Life After Life (Kate Atkinson) ****1/2
A Country Road, A Tree (Jo Baker) (LL) ****1/2
The Underground Railroad (Colson Whitehead) ****1/2
Speak (Louisa Hall) ****
Golden Hill (Francis Spufford) (Kindle) ****


Loop of Jade (Sarah Howe) ****1/2 (poetry) – Winner of TS Eliot Prize

Top reads of 2015 (of 70 books, 15,042 pages)

Deep Lane (Mark Doty) (Poetry) *****


Plainsong (Kent Haruf) ****1/2
The Illuminations (Andrew O'Hagan) *****
Vanessa and her Sister (Priya Parmar) ****1/2
Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee) ****1/2
Dear Thief (Samantha Harvey) ****1/2
Grief is the thing with Feathers (Max Porter) ****1/2
Our Souls at Night (Kent Haruf) ****


Being Mortal (Atul Gwande) *****
After Sebald (Ali Smith/Will Self/Robert MacFarlane et al) *****
The Future of the Past (Alexander Stille) ****1/2
Conversations with Frank Gehry (Barbara Isenberg) *****
The Nearest Thing to Life (James Wood) (Memoir Essays) ****1/2
Between the World and Me (Ta-Nahisi Coates) *****
M Train (Patti Smith) ****1/2
My Life on the Road (Gloria Steinem) ****1/2
Falling Upward (Richard Rohr) *****


What stood out in 2014 (Of 92 read)

The Hamlet (William Faulkner) (20/02/14 ****
Day (A L Kennedy) (02/03/14) ****1/2
Tinkers (Paul Harding) (16/03/14)****1/2
The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle (Kirsty Wark) (05/04/14) ****
The Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison) (12/05/14) *****
The Lie (Helen Dunmore) (16/05/14) ****1/2
Virginia Woolf in Manhattan (Maggie Gee) (novel) (13/06/14) ****1/2
In the Light of What We Know (Zia Haider Rahman) (13/07/14) ****1/2
Suddenly, Love (Aharon Appelfeld) (03/08/14) (novel) ****1/2
Last Night at the Lobster (Stewart O'Nan) (14/09/14) ****1/2
Lila (Marilynne Robinson) (16/10/14) ****1/2
A Winter's Tale (William Shakespeare) (07/12/14) ****1/2
The Clothes on their Backs (Linda Grant) (22/06/14) ****


The Road to Middlemarch: My Life with George Eliot (Rebecca Mead) (21/03/14) ****
Life Lessons from Byron (Matthew Bevis) (08/04/14) ****1/2
I've lived in London for 86 1/2 years (Joseph Markovitch/Martin Usbourne) (26/04/14) ***** (memoir/photography)
Rumi: The Persian, the Sufi (A Reza Arasteh) (GL) (27/05/14) ****1/2
This Boy (Alan Johnson) (23/06/14) (autobiography) ****
Andrew Wyeth: A Spoken Self-Portrait (with Richard Meryman)(03/08/14) ****
Until Further Notice I Am Alive (Tom Lubbock) (Memoir) (10/08/14) *****
Great Works:50 Paintings Explored (Tom Lubbock) 15/08/14) *****
Passions Past and Present (Roy Strong) (Essays) (19/08/14) ****
Van Gogh at Work (Marije Vellekoop et al) (27/08/14) *****
Poetry Notebook 2006-2014 (Clive James) (24/10/14) ****
A Painters Progress: A Portrait of Lucian Freud (David Dawson) (07/11/12) ***** (memoir/photography/art)
Essays on the Self (Virginia Woolf) (30/11/14) *****
Update: Poems 2011-12 (Dennis O'Driscoll) (29/12/14) **** (poetry)

What stood out in 2013


Top 5

Orkney (Amy Sackville) ****1/2
Pnin (Vladimir Nabokov) ****1/2
Frances and Bernard (Carlene Bauer) ****1/2
The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt) (02/11/13) ****1/2
Toilers of the Sea (Victor Hugo) (07/04/13) ****1/2

Best of the rest

The Poetry Professor (Grace McCleen) ****
The Orchardist (Amanda Coplin) (novel) (Debut) ****
Americanah (Chimamanda Ngosi Adichie) ****
The Orchard (Drusilla Modjeska) ****1/2 (Australia)
Beowulf (Seamus Heaney trans) ****1/2
The Selfish Giant and other Stories (Oscar Wilde)*****


Top 5

Airmail: letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer (27/07/13) *****
The Twilight of American Culture (Morris Berman) (NF) (05/01/13) ****
Straw Dogs (John Gray) ****1/2 [Essays]
William Morris (Fiona MacCarthy) ****1/2
Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding (George Monbiat) ****

Best of the rest

The Letters of Leonard Woolf (ed Frederic Spotts) ****1/2
Living, Thinking, Looking (Siri Hustvedt) **** [Essays]
On Writing (A L Kennedy)) ****1/2
The Time by the Sea (Ronald Bythe) ****
This is it (Alan Watts) (Essays) ****
The Rings of Saturn (W G (Max) Sebald) *****
Virginia Woolf's Garden (Caroline Zoob/Caroline Arber: photographer) *****
At the Source (Gillian Clarke) [memoir/Wales/poetry/nature] ****

Special mention
Vincent Van Gogh sketchbooks ***** [Folio Society Facimillies]

What stood out in 2012:


Readings: Essays and Literary Entertainments (Michael Dirda)
Former People: The Last Days of the Russian Aristocracy (Douglas Smith)
The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwritting (and why it matters) (Philip Hensher)
Mortality (Christopher Hitchens)
Collected Letters of Virginia Woolf: Vol 1
The Idle Traveller (Dan Kieran)
Listen to the Echoes: Interviews with Ray Bradbury (Sam Weller)
Earth Pilgrim (Satish Kumar)
Wildwood: A Journey through Trees (Roger Deakin)
Hockney: The Bigger Message (Martin Gayford)
Pilgrimage (Annie Leibovitz )


Train Dreams (Denis Johnson)(I read it a second time in the same year!)
Satantango (Laszlo Krasznahorkai)
The Cleaner of Chartres (Salley Vickers)
Home (Toni Morrison)
A trick I learned from dead men (Kitty Aldridge)
Rules of Civility (Amor Towles)
Fame is the Spur (Howard Spring)

Stood out in 2011:


Crossing to Safety (Wallace Stegner) (American)
Our Fathers (Andrew O'Hagan) (British)
Five Bells (Gail Jones) (Australian)
The Last Brother (Nathacha Appanah) (French- Mauritian)
Great House (Nicole Krauss) (American)
Sum (David Eagleman) (American)
The Farm Theotime (Henri Bosco) (French)
The Upright Piano Player (David Abbott) (British)
South Riding (Winifred Holtby) (British)
The Master and Margerita (Mikhail Bulgakov) (Russian)
Tender is the Night (F Scott Fitzgerald) - 5th read, and the writing and scope blew me away this time


The Blue Hour : A Portrait of Jean Rhys (Lilian Pizzichini)
My Reading Life (Pat Conroy)
How to Live - a life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts to answer it (Sarah Bakewell)
Zeitoun (Dave Eggers)
The Fountain (Don Cupitt)(Secular theology/philosophy)
Just Kids (Patti Smith)

Stood out in 2010

Of mutability (Jo Shapcot) [Poetry]
Dreams of Speaking (Gail Jones)(04/12/10) ****
The Book of Small Souls (Louis Couperus) quartet which includes: Small Souls/The Later Life/The Twilight of Souls/Dr Adriaan)
Nemesis (Philip Roth)
The Great Gatsby (F Scott Fitzgerald) [Re-Read 28th time!]
Virginia Woolf Diaries diaries Vols 1-5
Leslie Stephen (Noel Gilroy Annan)
Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life (Richard Meryman)
The Idea of a University (John Henry Newman)
The Vicar of Wrexhill (Fanny Trollope)
After the Deluge (Vol 1&2) (Leonard Woolf)
Heat of the Day (Elizabeth Bowen
I Lock my door upon myself (Joyce Carol Oates) [Read twice this year]
Conversations 1970-2006 (with Joyce Carol Oates)
Trespass (Rose Tremain)
Pollard (Laura Beatty)
The Spectator Bird (Wallace Stegner)
Little Bird of Heaven (Joyce Carol Oates)
Their Eyes were watching God (Zora Neale Hurston) [Re-read]
An Equal Stillness (Francesca Kay)

I have joined the London Library and decided to start a catalogue to record the books I've loaned and to sometimes review them.

If you don't know about this lovely library you can find it here:


I have started a separate catalogue to list those books here:


Grups75 Books Challenge for 2015, 75 Books Challenge for 2016, 75 Books Challenge for 2017, 75 Books Challenge for 2018, 75 Books Challenge for 2019, 75 Books Challenge for 2020, African/African American Literature, All Writers Considered, Atwoodians, Bloomsbury Group and their friendsmostra tots els grups

Autors preferitsDavid Abbott, Peter Ackroyd, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Karen Armstrong, Elizabeth von Arnim, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, James Baldwin, John Banville, Pat Barker, Simone de Beauvoir, Dirk Bogarde, Elizabeth Bowen, William Boyd, Ray Bradbury, Poppy Z. Brite, Richard Burton, A. S. Byatt, Lord Byron, Italo Calvino, Albert Camus, J. L. Carr, Anne Carson, Raymond Carver, Bruce Chatwin, Anton Chekhov, Louis Couperus, Michael Cunningham, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, Isak Dinesen, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Mark Doty, Carol Ann Duffy, Helen Dunmore, George Eliot, T. S. Eliot, Euripides, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Penelope Fitzgerald, Janet Frame, Northrop Frye, Tess Gallagher, Maggie Gee, André Gide, Victoria Glendinning, Graham Greene, Helene Hanff, Richard Holmes, Michael Holroyd, Janette Turner Hospital, Khaled Hosseini, Siri Hustvedt, Fergal Keane, John Keats, Dalai Lama XIV, Primo Levi, Penelope Lively, Mary S. Lovell, Bernard MacLaverty, Deirdre Madden, Osip Mandelstam, Henning Mankell, Sándor Márai, Philip Marsden, André Maurois, Ian McEwan, Patrick McGrath, Anne Michaels, Michel de Montaigne, Toni Morrison, Marcel Möring, Harry Mulisch, Pablo Neruda, John Henry Newman, Joyce Carol Oates, Andrew O'Hagan, Michael Ondaatje, John Pilger, Annie Proulx, Rainer Maria Rilke, Joseph Roth, Philip Roth, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Jonathan Sacks, Vita Sackville-West, Lorna Sage, May Sarton, Bernhard Schlink, Seneca, William Shakespeare, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Sam Shepard, Carol Shields, Anita Shreve, Marin Sorescu, John Steinbeck, Lytton Strachey, William Styron, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa St. Aubin de Terán, Leo Tolstoy, Claire Tomalin, Rose Tremain, Jane Urquhart, Salley Vickers, Alice Walker, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, Lanford Wilson, Jeanette Winterson, Jan Wolkers, Leonard Woolf, Virginia Woolf (Preferits compartits)


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