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Sep 25, 2022
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Chandra J Dissanayake
About My Library

I have been thinking for quite some time about doing a bucket list of things. First and foremost was creating a backyard with a unique character which means, green in all its brilliant shades, vast undulating open space; clumps of trees, water to be seen, and a distant white dagoba. Not quite a dagoba but Auckland Sky Tower - this is well in progress now. Our next item on the queue, on our bucket list, was creating a home library from our extensive book collection which has been accumulated over a period of time and traveled with us all over the world and finally settled down in Auckland as well as us, at least for the time being, still there is a small collection at Sri Lanka as well. The undertaking was a mammoth task – this could have been further complicated unless I got rid of a considerable lot designated as 'junk-to-go' during the downsizing exercise we conducted at the beginning of the year since we came back from SL after three years.

A book lover, according to the Collins English Dictionary, is a person who enjoys reading and reads more than the average person. Being a true-blue book lover means you eat, drink, breathe, and live with books 24x7. Although at the core of being a bibliophile is the act of reading, there's much more to it. Contrary to what some might think, book culture is quite diverse in its offerings.

But being an avid reader requires more than just owning high volumes of books. Every reader needs a peaceful, lovely, calming space in which to enjoy their books more fully. Arranging a packed bookshelf is one of the most pleasurable activities to do for a bookworm. However, once you have done it, what next? It’s my belief that every literature lover needs a little library of their own, tucked away somewhere at home. Whether big with soaring ceilings and walls of books or small with just enough room for a little chair and a bookcase or two, having your own personal at-home library can help us see our reading time as a time of self-care and recharging, too.

So how can we create our own little library, right at home? Fortunately, my wife Sagarica is an ex-library person and an avid reader too. So, I already got an added advantage. The primary objective of our mini library is to collect, store, organize, retrieve, and make available the information sources to us and any other interested friends. I have decided to use LibraryThing as our system which is available for home users for free.

Data entry was tedious, laborious, and time-consuming as it was almost a manual process. Barcode scanning is not possible as most of our old books have no barcoding, as this practice wasn’t available then. However, with the latest books, it is a completely different cattle of fish, because bar code scanning with iPhone captures all in a second to the database. What is left is categorizing according to your liking and coding them. We have been doing this slowly but very enjoyable – because when you manage each book individually, it brings you many happy, memorable reminiscences relate to when, where, what is in, etc – exercise for some weeks and it may take some considerable time to complete it. A few screenshots are attached herewith in the “History” category as an example. I will share more with you as we progress ahead.

About Me

Chandra has over 40 years of experience in the planning and construction of civil engineering sectors. His career has taken him from SL to assignments in Africa, India, Oman, Australia, and subsequently New Zealand, where we have been settled.

I enjoy traveling, photography, reading, and a bit of gardening as well.

Albany, Auckland, New Zealand