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After 22-years I retired from the Air Force and have spent the last 3-years as a civil service employee. In my last 7 years in the Air Force I lived in Turkey (2-years) and Germany (3-years). With my time overseas I developed a strong interest in Turkish/Ottoman history and European history. In fact, once I retire completely, my wife and I desire to spend huge amount of time living in Turkey. We have traveled throughout Italy, Germany, France, and England and we believe Turkey is the best of all places to visit. The Turks are outstanding hosts and make wonderful and life-long friends.

My good friend, wpark, turned me onto Revolutionary War Era books. My first book from this era was Adams vs Jefferson: the tumultuous election of 1800. In approximately 2-years since taking on that first book, I have read 25 additional books from this era (all but one were recommended and are in the wpark library).

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