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Harper Collins German Dictionary: German-English/English-German de Henry H. Collins, Jr.

The Rising (Volume 1 of the Flight Engineer ) de Doohan & stirling

Marching Through Georgia de S.M. Stirling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Year 5) de J. K. Rowling

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, Book 2) de Brandon Sanderson

The Right To Arm Bears de Gordon R. Dickson

Wolves on the Border de Robert N. Charrette

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I find that I cannot throw away a book. Even books I HATE... I think it might be pathological. So don't necessarily make any judgments on my tastes (or lack of same) merely on a book i happen to have in the stacks.

On my ratings, if ever i give a book 1/2 of a star... I give it that only because I cannot give it NO stars. I have to have SOMEway of knowing which books I have yet to rate. No stars could also reflect that I haven't read the books yet.

Two Stars = an OK book. Sort of my Zero Point. The book moved me not far either positively or negatively. A good execution of a bad idea or vise versa. A thoroughly unmemorable or unremarkable piece.

Anything lower I have an active reason to dislike, to one degree or another. The library has been accruing for more than a decade, and as I cannot seem to throw anything out, books I hated a decade ago are still in my possession. They remain in my possession in some cases long after anything other than a vague antipathy remains of my recollection of them. If I cannot remember why I hated a given work, I will err on the side of kindness... unless the cover art sucked too.

Again, using two as my zero point, anything higher than that is a book in good standing with me. I will tend to go on and on and ON about anything I've given four or more stars. So don't ask unless you want to get the pants bored right off yah. If you see something you don't think deserves as high a rating as I gave it, let me know (and piss off). But not in that order :)

for what its worth

GrupsFantasyFans, Gamers, Military History, Pittsburghers, Post-apocalyptic Literature, Roleplayers, Science Fiction Fans, Steampunk, Time Travel, Alternate Histories and Parallel Worlds

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