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Feb 7, 2012
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I like to cook and have two bookcases of cookbooks. Just barely started to list them on Library Thing. Of late I am increasingly interested in historical novels. A late friend of mine sent me a copy of a Michael Connelly book for Christmas and I've now read five or six of his books. Another find for me was the Tony Hillerman series. Living in Arizona has tweaked my interest in the Navajo and Zuni people and their history and traditions. Having just read a Reader's Digest condensed version of The Day of the Jackal, I am now embarking on a journey through his books. He is a great story teller as are Connelly and Hillerman. Having traveled a bit I am particularly interested in books about other countries or ones that allow the reader to become immersed in a different culture. I have begun to compile a list of detective novels that are written by authors from different countries and hope to get to read some of them in the not-to-distant future.

Since I was raised in a small town in Wyoming I am interested in learning about life in rural America, particularly the American West.
About Me
I'm a retired economics professor now living in Mesa, Arizona. I grew up in Douglas, Wyoming, and in my sophomore year my parents moved to Powell, Wyoming. I received my B.A. and M.A from the University of Wyoming and my Ph.D from the University of Utah. I taught at a small college in Moorhead, Minnesota, for 37 years. My interests revolve around hiking, gardening, and reading.
Mesa, Arizona
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