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Jan 26, 2009
Real Name
Ryan Albee
About My Library
My books no longer live in a cozy home made of cinder blocks and 2x4's. Fancy Ikea shelves for my little friends!
About Me
Time to update the profile again.
I'm currently living in Iowa City, UNESCO City of Literature. So that's neat. We recently downsized my library to two Ikea 4x4 shelves.

Here's my old profile, just for fun I still have a giant freakish beard, and still love baseball. I am at Lake Superior State University, enjoying the Geology program. My apartment is literally a stone's throw from the St. Mary's River shipping channel, downbound to the Soo locks and thence to Lake Huron. Mysteriously, train horns here are far louder than the freighters' horns.

This thread is a list of the books I have read since I found this site.
Here are my review and chat threads below, starting with some 50 Book Challenges and graduating up to the 75 BC.
2010 Part 1
2010 Part 2
2010 Part 3, first in the 75 BC.
2011 Part 1
2011 Part 2
Iowa City, IA
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Llibreries: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Midland Mall, Paperback Book Exchange, Sleepy Hollow Bookshop

Biblioteques: Bayliss Public Library, Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, Iowa City (Ia.) Public Library, Kenneth J. Shouldice Library, Monroe County Public Library - Bloomington

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