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Nov 24, 2013
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Deanna D Richmond Gallegos
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I was born in New York and lived there with my family until I was eight when we moved to Mississippi. Ten years later, I went to college at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana for about two years then moved to Massachusetts for life experience. Eventually, I moved back to New York where I became a registered nurse and studied forensic nursing. After working some years in New York as a nurse, I started doing travel nursing and loved it. I decided to stop traveling while in Colorado to stay close by family. Shortly after, I met my wonderful husband and have been here ever since.
Even as a child, I have always had a love for science fiction and enjoyed it through books, movies and comics. I have dabbled in writing throughout the years, and decided it was time to let my true self free. I took some time off from work to pursue a career in writing and recently published my first book called Connor. I plan on following up with a series of books under the Connor name and my goal is to be finished with the second book by the middle of 2014.
Colorado, US
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