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Feb 26, 2007
Sobre la meva biblioteca
I don't have the space for the most capacious library in the world. I try to collect the works of good poets. I have just about everything written by Anthony Trollope. I don't worry about first editions; I don't want to own any books that I could not cheerfully part with.
Sobre mi
I read poetry and good fiction--I am inordinately amused by gentle irony but also like the bombastic and fustian mode. A well-written mystery can please me. I've read so many great writers that I am often exasperated by poor writing--not that I could write well. I am overwhelmed by the sheer brilliance of words and eternally grateful to those who can "articulate sweet sounds together". I spend much of my time in the 19th century. There's no reading but rereading, as they say.

I'm also on Steepster and Ravlery as Doulton.
In the murky midst of the middle of nowhere.
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