Nom real
Elizabeth Cummings, Ph.D.
Sobre la meva biblioteca

The current library is a limited collection; when we 'downsized' in 2016 we limited ourselves to books we really wanted to keep. Approximately 2000 were donated to various agencies; sometimes I wish I had some of them back. Since being in Evanston, we have shared time with the Progressive Class at FUMC - Evanston. As a result, I have begun adding to the library again. Also, I have begun listening to Westar seminars via ZOOM (for a price) and have experienced some excellent presentations which results in me wanting more books.

Sobre mi

Born in east Texas, raised in west Texas; married a Texan. Attended 7 colleges / universities to receive 3 degrees. Parent of one son who has two sons. After 1995, began traveling courtesy of our son and his wife encouraging us. Cruises to Alaska (my retirement), Barcelona to Boston, the Panama Canal, St. Lawrence Seaway to Boston via Nova Scotia, Barcelona to Miami via Madiera. Trips with the Chancel Choir of FUMC - Dallas to Canada (to welcome our new organ), Austria and the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Scotland and northern England, Switzerland. It's been quite a trip but I still have places I want to see.

Evanston, Illinois
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