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Jun 14, 2006
About My Library
I buy books (old and new) obsessively but feel it is a waste to read them immediately; they have to sit on the bookshelf waiting for the right time. Therefore, my library of unread books is huge.
About Me

My husband calls me a bookaholic, and it's true. They are piled all over the house at the moment. My first degree was theatre studies and I am currently studying law as I need to feel I'm learning something all the time; a day where I manage to read something interesting isn't wasted. 

Update: Got the law degree and am now relishing essay-free weekends which I want to use to try and get down that 'not read yet' tag - however, as I'm also buying books at my usual rate it seems to stay pretty constant. My ghost story addiction is growing and I feel a need to read every ghost story written before 1950, so this and a sudden gardening urge are currently filling the study gap.

Further Update, 2011: The birth of Eloise Junior slowed my reading down to a crawl but the book buying still continues apace. I am catching up on my reading now, with ghost stories still my favourite (it will be a life long obsession I think). I'm also studying for an MA in Philosophy, so my philosophy collection is developing.

Update 2017: I got the MA in Philosophy in 2015. Now I am about to make a major career change, and will shortly be starting a PGCE in Secondary RE. So there will be an influx of books about teaching, and also my religion and philosophy tags will grow as I want to keep developing my subject knowledge. I'm really looking forward to the challenges of teaching but it won't be an easy road, so my recent new guilty pleasure of cosy mysteries will probably be all I can manage intellectually in my down time. Thank goodness for the railway detective!

Update 2018: I successfully passed the PGCE and am going to be teaching sixth form Law. It feels like I have gone full circle but it is what I always wanted to teach. So law books from my degree back from when I first started on Librarything are being dusted off, with a number of new additions. 

Update 2022: I now teach with the Open University. I said teaching law at sixth form was like going full circle, but this really is, as I’m teaching on new versions of courses I studied, including criminal law! I’m really enjoying it and getting a bit more time with E.Jr, as I mainly work at home now. The piles of books are still growing, but new additions are mainly virtual as I am filling up the memory on my kindle.

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