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Melinda Sherbring

Melinda Sherbring és un autor/a de LibraryThing, un autor/a que afegeix la seva biblioteca personal a LibraryThing.

Vegeu la pàgina d'autor de Melinda Sherbring.

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Membre: EowynA

Col·leccionsWriting on writing (70), La teva biblioteca (2,233), Kindle (208), ScribeLib (497), HeraldLib (237), DVDs (506), BroderLib (413), Compleat Anachronists (174), CooksLib (175), deaccessioned (121), Fantasy&SF (1,248), HistoryLib (357), MusicLib (5), Ian's Library (57), InsularArt (172), InsularHist (77), LanguageLib (142), Mysteries (208), Llegint actualment (5), Per llegir (1), Llegit, però no el tinc (91), Totes les col·leccions (6,132)

Ressenyes403 ressenyes

Etiquetesfantasy (730), DVD (503), sci fi (492), history (355), TV (289), embroidery (273), illuminated mss (264), textiles (254), SCA (236), heraldry (236) — mostra totes les etiquetes

SuportS'està carregant

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Quant a miI am a: mathematician, engineer, calligrapher, designer, graphic artist, author, illuminator, embroiderer, embroidery designer, herald, herald-painter, Baroness (SCA), Laurel, Pelican, teacher, student, logophile, wife, daughter, sister, German-American, Anglophile, not-quite-senior-citizen (but sometimes qualify for the discounts), and a curious person. By my books, ye shall know my obsessions.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
I am first entering the sublibraries I call ScribeLib, HistLib, EmbroideryLib, PictLib, HeraldLib, ClothingLib. So my "obscurity ratings" hit a low value of 4/50, but with the addition of Harry Potter and LotR, went up to 4/109. I'm climbing out of the "long tail" now. Obscurity of 18/258 with 4,370 books and DVDs (visual books, really)

At 2677 books, on May 12, 2007, this is ranked #325 in the list of largest libraries. On June 1, with 3515 books, I am at 190. On July 3, with 3883 books, the library was at 161. Slipped to higher numbers. As of July 29, it took 4062 books to be ranked at 160. I started adding DVDs, and at 4451 volumes, am at #140 in mid-Sept 2007.

Hit 4,500 books on Nov 16, 2007; hit 4,751 books on Oct 8, 2008. Obscurity rating is 28/435, rank is #225 in personal libraries. Hit 4801 books on Jan 27, 2009 with obscurity rating of 30/472. Dec 8, 2009 has 4,936 books, with obscurity rating of 39/577. Getting more mainstream, I see.

I liked the explanation of star ratings from member pdxwoman, so I borrowed them. Thanks!

Movie Ratings:
One Cold Stale Box Full of Unpopped Kernels
"I can't believe I'm 90 minutes closer to death."

Two Stale Half-Eaten Boxes
"I can't believe I paid good money to watch that."

Three Regular Ol' Boxes
"That was entertaining."

Four Bountiful Hot Boxes
"Really good movie; especially that part where..."

Five Monster Boxes of Butterlicious Hot Popped Corn, Baby!
"Let's go see it again!"

GrupsAncient and Medieval Manuscripts, Bug Collectors, Caid, Combiners!, Early Reviewers, Elizabethan England, Fiber Arts, Heraldry, Hobnob with Authors, Irish & Celtic Studiesmostra tots els grups

Autors preferitsJ. J. G. Alexander, Lloyd Alexander, Poul Anderson, Janet Arnold, Janet Backhouse, Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Lewis Carroll, Hal Clement, Jared Diamond, Dorothy Dunnett, Kathleen A. Staples, Edward T. Hall, Piet Hein, Alistair MacLean, Charles R. Pellegrino, Steven Pinker, William Shakespeare, Blake Snyder, J. R. R. Tolkien, Joss Whedon (Preferits compartits)


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Altres preferitsLos Angeles Times Festival of Books

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També aLiveJournal


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URL /profile/EowynA (perfil)
/catalog/EowynA (biblioteca)

Membre des deOct 19, 2006

Llegint actualmentBuilding the Medieval World (The Medieval Imagination) de Christine Sciacca
The Goodhart Samplers de Dorothy Bromiley Phelan
The Shattered Mirror de D. W. Wilkin
Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns: Book 1 (Womens Dress Patterns 1) de Jenny Tiramani
Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race de Margot Lee Shetterly

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