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The Herald de Robert H. Coleman

The Subterraneans (Grove Press Outrider Book) de Jack Kerouac

And the band played on : politics, people, and the AIDS epidemic de Randy Shilts

The Sacred Harp Concordance de Chris Thorman

The archives of Ebla : an empire inscribed in clay de Giovanni Pettinato

Epic Trails - Endless Tracks Across Centuries de Conrad L. (Connie) Cox

Foundation of Phenomenology de Marvin Farber

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Membre: Farree

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Quant a miI am an arcanophile and an information packrat. I don't collect objects (well, not on purpose) - what I like is data. I have a fairly large collection of sf paperbacks published between 1939 and 1970, because I love the cover paintings (more than the stories sometimes - and all of which I have rescanned in High Res.). I am currently reading in psychology, philosophy and archaeology (particularly rediscovery of lost manuscripts and underwater archaeology). In fiction, I am reading juvenile fantasies and SF mostly (and occasionally a 19th century novel - I like Collins and Le Fanu). Oh. Why 'Farree?' Andre Norton. 'Flight in Yiktor.' Check it out. (It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but also a Freudian slip kind of thing, but wait! Freud's been discredited, right?)

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Okay. I think I have enough of this together to say a few words about the idiosyncrasies of my catalog here. I catalog only books I currently own (except the occasional library book). I try to include the cover pictures from the books (I scan them if necessary). Roughly four-fifths of the library is now catalogued (the cookbooks are now in). I have started cataloging old computer books. There are so many of them and they are so old that I am not going to catalog all of them. I am doing mainly Macintosh and Linux books. I will not be doing PC books (or Microsoft books). And, of course, I also have books that I'm not cataloging because I consider them too controversial. Considering what's in here, you (dear reader) may wonder what is too controversial. One way is, like Captain Sheridan in Babylon 5, I collect black projects. 'Nuff said on that. Another way is, I collect racist stuff. Not all of it gets cataloged here. For a description of how I think about this, see my 'Egregious Rationalization' in the comments box of 'Ceramic Uncles & Celluloid Mammies.'

I have started cataloging my eBooks (see 'Select Discourses' by John Smith). I have somewhere near 100, mostly songbooks (of course).

Tags: DJI indicates "Dust Jacket Intact." DJM indicates "Dust Jacket Missing," even though the cover picture may show a dust jacket. LB indicates a library book.

I am debating whether I should catalog my collection of recorded music (vinyl, cassette, CD - somewhere around 3,000...).

GrupsA Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment, Hymnbooks

Autors preferitsThomas M. Disch, John Sladek (Preferits compartits)

Nom realFred

UbicacióLewistown, Montana

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