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The Matrix Reloaded (Widescreen Edition) [DVD] de Andy Wachowski

The hatchling de Kathryn Lasky

The works of Edgar Allan Poe; with an introduction by Edwin Markham : Volume 2 : Tales, marvelous adventure , the detection of crime. de Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849 

Home Cookin' de Employees of Mary Maxim

Chicago 17 de Chicago

Stalin : a biography de Robert Service

Year of wonders : a novel of the plague de Geraldine Brooks

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Quant a miRetired and disabled war veteran with 40 years experience in information, knowledge management, Literary awards and prizes and warfare.

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la meva biblioteca
This eclectic library represents a life of reading and study. It includes monographs related to the study of business, American & military history, art, architecture, botany, ornithology, nursing, music, language, library and archival studies.

Handbooks and guidebooks are available related to a variety of hobbies and practical applications needed in survival ; i.e gardening, Kite flying and home improvement. Note handbooks are also present for professional use in the areas of study noted previously.

Special collections include Children's picture books and chapter books for Young adults. Another collect is the role playing game Dungeon and Dragon. This game is a tool used to develop imagination and creativity. Other games will be added over time that reflect strategic thinking and creative planning processvdevelopment.

Another Special collection includes a sampling of recorded music that spans most recognized genre over the past seventy years.

Finally, the fiction collection is representative of all genre, but heavy in historical fiction, science fiction, Westerns and political drama works. Poetry is also sampled. Horror and erotica are least representative.

Theatrical dramas in the forms of film are also present. They too mimic the genres noted for fiction. Note that play scripts are in the collection as well

The library is available for loans to my small town, family and Frankels worldwide.

Searching: A sort by the Library of Congress' Classification number may help in identifying titles of a similar topical interest. Key word searches can also help but tend to bring back irrelevant results. A Control F search with in the search results can help in scanning for the relevant works. Tags are in the process of being expanded in their use, but are presently incomplete.

For Questions or assistance please contact Tim


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