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In 2021 my novella Shipped Off was published by Running Wild Press in Novella Anthology Volume 4, Book 1. An audiobook is available for Shipped Off. In 2023, my novels Stretched Love and Harmonic Dissonance were published by Tofu Ink Arts Press and the Shortish Project, respectively. Ten of my autobiographical stories are available on the Queer Slam Episode 21. I participated in the 2022 film, Queers Across the Years. I wrote and performed in Queerly Imparted at the Skylight Theater as part of the World AIDS Day celebration.

In 2023, my play Reflections was performed at the Region 8 Kennedy Center American Theater College Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada and became a semi-finalist for the National Festival in Washington D.C.

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From a young child, I was called a sissy, girlie, fag, queer, and homo. Getting towel whipped, stomach punched and spit on were part of my world. I never found my writer’s voice until I retired in 2017 after forty years of accounting and became a passionate writing machine.

When I'm not writing I'll be cooking gourmet gluten-free meals, reading the latest Elin Hilderbrand novel, watching Alfred Hitchcock films, listening to anything by Barbra Streisand, walking 7,500 steps a day, or getting writing inspiration from my friends Sy and Charlie. I have been a member of the oldest GLBT temple in the world, Beth Chayim Chadishim since 1990.

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