a book with real stories about missing people! (1), the story of king arthur in graphic novel! (1), a tale of rolaty (1), kristy's great idea in graphic novel! (1), the babysitters club the truth about stacey in graphic novel! (1), the babysitters club have a huge fight! (1), a young girl gets her brain put in a mechanical body! (1), a young girl and her babysitter get kidnapped! (1), odyesseus visits the land of the dead! (1), nolan bird makes an online superhero! (1), the thrilling end of the series! (1), a sad tale of a girl who goes from being rich to being poor (1), harry potter is entered in the triwizard tournament! (1), chip finds out that he is the king of England! (1), a young girl discovers not only did she have a sister that she didn't know about but she is her sister's clone! (1), the story of the curse of king tut's tomb in graphic novel! (1), nancy thought she solved the mystery on the set. but a hundred year old mystery turns up! (1), the movie book! (1), nancy drew lands a role in a movie. But someone is sabotaging the set! (1), a young girl disguises herself as a boy and becomes the man in the family! (1), the hardy boys find out why someone is sabotaging a boat! (1), joe and frank investigate a kidnapped reporter! (1), the hardy boys investigate a murder! (1), the boys continue to investigate the boys school! (1), someone or something is out to kill teens at a detention center! (1), a thrilling book! (1), they go back in time and survive a earthquake! (1), the last book of the series! (1), the boys finally find out who was behind the accidents at the boys school! (1), the homework machine comes back to haunt snick and his friends! (1), teenage alfred kropp joins a company to find the sword Excalibur! (1), bella finally becomes a vampire! (1), an awesome companion to the series! (1), Will goes back to the site of 9/11 (1), a book of short stories! (1), a young boy turns invisible! (1), the hardy boys investigate a man named Arthur Stench! (1), johna and chip find out that they are not exactly from this time. or century! (1), Nancy drew investigates a case involving a vampire! (1), but the werewolf must fight to stay human! (1), Nora Grey falls in love with an angel! (1), a werewolf and a human girl fall in love (1), Mika Smith enters a contest in order to find his kidnapped twin sister Ellie! (1), katniss everdean is chosen for the Hunger Games! (1), an AWESOME book! (1), the diary of a young loyalist (1), a diary from the time of the gold rush! (1), all the medieval tales that you love in one book! (1), someone is illegally burning CDs! (1), wimpy kid wiglaf is going to a school for dragon slayers! (1), learn about the gadgets that Alex Rider uses in all of the Alex Rider books! (1), alex rider goes undercover to find his uncle's killer and a deadly secret about the new stormbreaker computers! (1), someone is spray painting all over town! Shredderman is going to find him! (1), second book in the alex rider series (1), a bible for young catholics (1), all your favorite greek myths in one book! (1), an amazing book about 9/11! (1), the sequel series to Percy Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1), an amazing page turner! (1), alex rider in graphic novel! (1), someone is sabotaging a realilty show! (1), someone is making false hurricane predictions. and robbing peoples houses! (1), a girl discovers that she is physic! (1), a criminal is on the loose! this girl knows how to find him! (1), who does this diary belong to? Mallory is going to find out! (1), why would claudia ever cheat? (1), nancy drew and hardy boys together!? (1), a girl unravels the truth about her mother's past (1), a young woman who survives a shooting realizes that it is only the beginning (1), a young girl is kidnapped and tries to escape (1), J.D tries to escape the company and ansel sykes. (1), Percy and his friends continue to try to stop Luke (1), J.D. finds out that her home is an evil company! (1), percy jackson and his friends find two new halfbloods (1), teenage aiden tries to find his kidnapped sister while she tries to escape (1), aiden comes closer to finding his sister (1), can the hardy boys do this case? (1), who is sabotaging the new mall? (1), Just call it impossible love (1), Just call this an actual mystery (1), this will tell you not to judge a book by it's cover (1), myth lovers will love this (1), a graphic novel for anyone who likes mysteries (1), anyone who likes ghost stories and mysteries will love this book (1), a mystery you won't believe (1), a thrilling continue of the lightning thief (1), you won't want to stop reading! (1), it involves mystery and magic! (1), for any kid who loves mysteries (1), this shows that they can solve a case even when they're not working! (1), a case you won't believe! 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(1), A young boy and his stepsister are being followed! (1), a short version of the classic tale (1), Frank and Joe Hardy are assigned to protect the ambassador's daughter! (1), life on the titanic (1), A girl in 6th grade secretly writes and publishes a book! (1), a story of the life of a deaf girl named helen keller (1), a story of a boy who lives on alcatraz! (1), the thrilling sequel to al capone does my shirts! (1), the story of a secret garden (1), the story of harriet tubman (1), a new story about your favourite wildcats team! (1), an amazing adventure book (1)
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