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I'm a ferocious reader of fantasy and science fiction and have loved the genre for an age. I like dystopian, most YA fantasy and all science fiction but will read anything! All time favourite is Cormac Mc Carthy's The Road but I also love Sarah J. Maas' incredible series.

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I'm a polenta-loving, Marvel movie watching, Aretha Franklin fan who's fulfilled a lifelong dream to have lightning bolts next to her name. (On my new book The Dangers of Being Brave & True). My elements are earth and water. I love reading fantasy and science fiction!

I enjoy writing songs, novellas, novels, short stories and to-do lists. Whatever the genre, I hope to transport you to worlds you'll love, alongside characters you can relate to.

When I'm not writing or reading or staring into space (aka working on what I will write next), I'm hanging with my family, watching any kind of science fiction or fantasy movie, listening to music or traveling.

New Zealand
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