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Jamie Selko

Jamie Selko és un autor/a de LibraryThing, un autor/a que afegeix la seva biblioteca personal a LibraryThing.

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Membre: JNSelko

Col·leccionsLa teva biblioteca (10,859)

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EtiquetesPopular Culture (3,946), Sports (2,380), Baseball (1,919), History (1,738), Children's Books (1,653), Science (1,423), European History (806), Humor (799), Comic Art & Comic Artists (757), WWII (745) — mostra totes les etiquetes

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Quant a miOld, broken down and hurtin', with a house full of kids and grandkids- all of whom read, Read, READ! I am one of those poor poor wretches who can't eat without having a book in front of me (and this malady was passed on to the next generations). I also am one of those who has, in addition to a dining room book, the following: a bathroom book, a bedroom book, and two living room books, depending upon where I sit. 95% of my books are non-fiction, because a day in which something is not learned is a day wasted.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
People who come to our house frequently ask "Did you read all those books?", and I always think, "What an odd question"- why in the world else would we have 'em?
Our house has two rooms dedicated to books (my office and the family room) as well as book shelves in the hall, on one wall of our bedroom, on one wall of the "cousins room", one wall of the dining room, two walls of the living room, and one built for us by my dad which runs along our entry-way stairs.

GrupsBallantine Adult Fantasy, Bookcases: If You Build/Buy Them, They Will Fill, Paleontology

Autors preferitsDouglas Adams, Roger Angell, Isaac Asimov, Carl Barks, Roger James Bender, David Boswell, Bob Burden, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lewis Carroll, Beverly Cleary, Bernard Cornwell, Robert W. Creamer, David Quammen, Jane Duncan, Willard R. Espy, John Feinstein, C. S. Forester, Paul Fussell, Craig Shaw Gardner, Stephen Jay Gould, Kenneth Grahame, Bill Griffith, David Halberstam, Sven Hassel, Robert L. Heilbroner, Hermann Hesse, Stewart H. Holbrook, William Horwood, Molly Ivins, Lynn Johnston, Franz Kafka, Walt Kelly, Richard Lederer, R. M. Lockley, French L. MacLean, Richard Mitchell, Robert Obojski, Patrick O'Brian, Steven Pinker, Dan Piraro, Terry Pluto, Terry Pratchett, Donald R. Prothero, David Quammen, Mary Roach, Don Rosa, Oliver Sacks, Barry Sadler, J. D. Salinger, Gitta Sereny, Stevie Smith, Thomas Burnett Swann, Tom Tomorrow, G. B. Trudeau, Barbara W. Tuchman, John R. Tunis, Richie Unterberger, Peter Ward, Bill Watterson, Sylvia Waugh, Tom Weaver, Eloise Wilkin, Simon Winchester, Mark C. Yerger (Preferits compartits)


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Nom realJamie & Nancy

UbicacióOregon eugene

Tipus de comptepúblic

URL /profile/JNSelko (perfil)
/catalog/JNSelko (biblioteca)

Membre des deJun 13, 2008

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