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John C. Picardi is the author of the awarding winning
play, The Sweepers, and Seven Rabbits on a Pole. His plays
are published by Samuel French and have been produced off-
Broadway and across the United States. He is a graduate of
Johnson & Wales University, where he majored in Culinary
Arts. He later graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with a degree in English and Creative Writing and earned an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. He lives in
Massachusetts. You can find John online at

Below is information about my book Oliver Pepper's Pickle

Oliver Pepper’s Pickle

Meet OLIVER PEPPER, age thirty-six: WASP, prep school teacher, obsessive art historian, and alcoholic. Each afternoon Oliver Pepper sits, nipping at his flask, in a cluttered study that he alone finds appealing. This is how life plays out for him:
... quietly, simply, and drunkenly. This stewed contemplation ends abruptly, however, when his wife reveals an extended cyber-affair and he is fired for drinking on the job. Crushed by his wife and friend’s disloyalty, cramped by his live-in-sister and her new age boyfriend, then stalked by a curious self-help book that sweeps the country, (The Castration of the 20th Century Man how to grow a new set for the 21st century). Oliver Pepper is near despair when he meets a sexy public school principal at his AA meeting: Rosa. He agrees to teach a riotous middle-grade class at Rosa’s school in hopes of dating her. His redemption, however, comes from two boys at her school: a truly needy, autistic child with a flair for Impressionist paintings and a troubled pre-teen. On the shoulders of these young boys, Oliver Pepper reconciles the traumatic death of his father, restores the love in his family, and discovers a capacity for bringing unadulterated goodness, even beauty into his world.

“Oliver Pepper Pickle” is the story of a man who bellies up to the bar of self-loathing self-destructiveness and is pulled instead, in spite of himself, into a brave new world—friends emerging from closets, fish-sauce-flavored Thanksgivings, special-needs ghetto kids at the Met, growing new sets of balls....
It's a touching love story that will make you spit out your food laughing when you least expect it. John C. Picardi is an original!"
Kate Christensen author of: In The Drink, Jeremy Thrane, The Epicure's Lament, The Great Man, Trouble, 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction

Oliver Pepper’s Pickle is a ruefully humorous, fast-paced, and insightful read. Picardi’s comic gifts are formidable, and he has plenty to tell us about failure, heartbreak, love, and, finally, recovery.
John Fulton Author of Retribution and More Than Enough

"Who hasn't ever wanted to step into the mind of a beloved teacher? With Oliver Pepper's Pickle, you can do just that, with a guide who's irreverent, kind, and smart, eager to wake you up to the world."
Paul Lisicky author of : Lawnboy and The Burning House

“Picardi has created a delicate yet emotional story that sneaks up on you like a lovely relationship, evolving slowly and gracefully, ‘peppered’ with hope and despair, and above all, humanity. Picardi reveals his characters so subtly, so artfully, that suddenly you realize they are a part of your family. I loved this book.” Steven Cooper, Author of Deadline and Saving Valencia

"In this comic, compelling and provocative novel, John C. Picardi-- and his hapless hero-- dare to raise a 'forbidden shade' on modern-day manhood. Picardi's tale of Pepper's 'Pickle' is as crisp, tart and sneakily sweet as a classic dill. Picardi loves his wayward characters and he masterfully muscles us into loving them too." Elizabeth Searle Author of CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE and TONYA & NANCY: THE ROCK OPERA

“Oliver Pepper’s Pickle is a poignant coming of age tale of an adult who begins to find his muse when he meets troubled children .... They help Oliver come to grips with the death years ago of his father and how to cope during a midlife crisis.... John C. Picardi provides a winning, upbeat character study.”
—Harriet Klausner – Mainstream Fiction

“When it comes to getting your life back on track, sometimes you have to embrace the madness around you.... Oliver Pepper’s Pickle is a humorous and fun read that will ring true with those facing their own midlife crises.”
—The Midwest Book Review

Praise For John C. Picardi's plays The Sweepers & Seven Rabbits on A Pole

"Often humorous, eventually gripping. Mr. Picardi renders his characters timeless.''-N.Y. Times.

"You don't have to be Italian American to enjoy The Sweepers. An appreciation for good writing will do.''-Daily Item

"Skillfully written, solidly theatrical.'' -Patriot Ledger

"Hauntingly dramatic.'' -American Theater Web

"Picardi deftly moves his audience from tears to laughter and back again.'' Metroland

"Picardi's twists of tale are worthy of a Miller play.''-Times Union

"Invigorating, often galvanic.''-Berkshire Eagle

"A hit with audiences.''- Schenectady Gazette

Picardi's comedy-drama -- -- has plenty of laughs along with a gut-wrenching emotional wallop -- --LA Times

"An epic in the making.''-NY Times

"Storytelling at its finest.''-Curtain Up

"If you like a good story well told, add this play to your 'must see' list!" Chelsea News

His (Picardi’s) comic drama amazingly manages to make us smile and laugh often, even while he also intensely illuminates the pain and disgrace life’s darkest hard luck and hard times can spur. The result is hauntingly memorable theater.

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