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Biblioteca llegada: Jonathan Edwards

JonathanEdwards és una Biblioteca llegada. Les biblioteques llegades són biblioteques personals de lectors famosos, incorporades al LibraryThing per membres del grup de Biblioteques llegades.

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Reflections on the conduct of divine providence in the series and conclusion of the late war: A sermon preached at Northampton, April 25, 1749. Being the day appointed by his Majesty for a general thanksgiving on account of the peace concluded with France and Spain de Philip Doddridge

A defence of the Divine right of infant-baptism. Wherein are consider'd, the consequences of embracing anti-pedobaptism. The antiquity of the practice of baptising infants. The covenant-interest of the infant children of believers; and the argument grounded on this for their title to baptism. The texts of Scripture, alledg'd as confirming evidences of their title. And the lawfulness of the mode of administring baptism by affusion or sprinkling. Being in reply to Dr. John Gill's book, ... de Peter Clark

Letters sent to an honourable gentleman, for the encouragement of faith de Anne Dutton

The use and intent of prophecy, in the several ages of the world : in six discourses, delivered at the Temple church, in April and May 1724 ... to which are added four dissertations and an appendix ... de Thomas Sherlock

An enquiry into the original, nature, institution, power, order and communion of evangelical churches : the first part, with an answer to the discourse of the Unreasonableness of separation written by Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, Dean of Pauls, and in defence of the vindication of non-conformists from the guilt of schisme de John Owen

The trial of Mr. Whitefield's spirit In some remarks upon his fourth journal, publish'd when he staid in England on account of the embargo de Samuel Weller

A vindication of the government of New-England churches : drawn from antiquity, the light of nature, Holy Scripture, its noble nature, and from the dignity Divine Providence has put upon it de John Wise

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Membre: JonathanEdwards

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Quant a miJonathan Edwards (5 October 1703 - 22 March 1758), American theologian and philosopher of British American Puritanism, was the stimulator of the religious revival known as the "Great Awakening," and one of the forerunners of the age of Protestant missionary expansion in the 19th century.

Born in Connecticut, Edwards graduated from Yale College in 1720 and went on to study theology. He preached in New York City briefly before returning to Yale as a tutor until 1726. Edwards was ordained as a minister in 1727 and assisted his maternal grandfather, Solomon Stoddard, at the latter's church in Northampton, MA. Upon Stoddard's death in 1729, Edwards became the church's pastor, and from the pulpit influenced and observed the events of the Great Awakening.

In the late 1740s tensions grew between Edwards and his congregation, and in 1750 Edwards moved his family to Stockbridge, MA, where he became a leading missionary to the Housantonic people. It was during his time at Stockbridge that Edwards wrote many of his well-known theological treatises, including essays on original sin, the will, and virtue.

In 1757 Edwards was called to New Jersey, where be became the third president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). He was officially made president on 16 February 1758, but died just a month later of a smallpox inoculation.

Edwards married Sarah Pierpont in 1727, and the pair had eleven children. One of those, another Jonathan, followed his father as a leading minister and college president (of Union College in Schenectady, NY).

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Edwards read widely over the course of his life, carefully documenting books he wished to acquire and books he loaned to friends and family members. These documents have recently been published in The Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 26 (Catalogues of Books), ed. Peter J. Thuesen. Yale University Press, 2008.

Those volumes included here thus far are from the collections of Firestone Library at Princeton University, Yale University, several other institutions, and a private collection. More volumes will be added as they are located.

Books which also belonged to Edwards descendants are cataloged in the Edwards Family collection.

Tags have been added as appropriate.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Do you know of additional books which should be included here? Please contact Libraries of Early America coordinator Jeremy Dibbell.

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