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Jan 28, 2022
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Jonathan Lerner
About My Library
I'm a reading junkie. If I am getting to the end of a book and don't have another one on deck I get anxious (and race off to the IRL library to find one). Overall I prefer novels, but during the pandemic, curiously or not, I've started reading more nonfiction (deep history, archeology and the like) and whereas I used to read almost exclusively modern and contemporary fiction, I also discovered that I can easily fall in love with historical novels. Favorites in that category are Hamnet, That Lady, and the Wolf Hall far.
About Me
I'm the author of the novels Caught in a Still Place and Alex Underground, and the forthcoming novel Lily Narcissus (10/22 from Unsolicited Press.) I also wrote the memoir Swords in the Hands of Children, about my experience in the radical left and Weather Underground, in the sixties and seventies.

Mostly I've made my living as a magazine writer and editor, focusing primarily on the built environment and its intersection with the natural — so, architecture, urbanism, resource use, sustainability. I've been a contributing editor at Landscape Architecture Magazine for the last decade or so.
Hudson Valley of New York
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