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The Vegetarian: A Novel de Han Kang

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (The Road to Nowhere) de Meg Elison

Adultery: A novel de Paulo Coelho

White Jazz de James Ellroy

The Ruined Map: A Novel de Kobo Abe

Running in the Family (Picador Books) de Michael Ondaatje

The Breaking of Eggs de Jim Powell

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Membre: Ken-Me-Old-Mate

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Quant a miI am old and do not bother reading anything that doesn't grab me.

I give most books 5 stars because anything less than that I just delete them. I would advise anyone to do this, even if you are young there is not enough time to read shit books, irrespective of who wrote them.

I read widely apart from books, and I get most of my recommendations from reading reviews and peoples impressions of books and authors. I like it when I come across a book tangentially, like when I came across "Street Of Crocodiles", as an aside in a description of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. I find that his way of discovering books gives them a context in which to read them. I found "The Hare With Amber Eyes" the same way.

I hardly ever read a review of a book before I read it but I do occasionally afterwards to see what other people made of it.

I am almost over my anger when people just parrot the plot summary instead of writing a review. Almost but not quite......

I use the clipping feature on my kindle extensively, keeping those crisp phrases for later savouring, like this one: "The tree of nonsense is watered with error, and from its branches swing the pumpkins of disaster".

I've had other names both in real life and online.

Most of my life has been fiction one way and another

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
I'm old and have been reading since long before the interwhatsit. Books have been passed from person to person ever since they arrived. Irrespective of geography, a book can take you somewhere else entirely, way out of your easy life, beyond your parochial beliefs, further than you ever knew existed then make you stand stonger and wiser where you are.


UbicacióFar North, New Zealand

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