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May 15, 2013
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Ken Hughes
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So, let's say, your supernatural senses are fading and the gangster's lair has the perfect defenses... how do you break in with a box of birdseed and a rock? What does a hero really do next?

And, could any of us see the same answer?

I first started wondering things like that with all the stories my dad read to us, until every corner seemed like the place for a different spy or hobbit to lurk. Since the town was Ann Arbor, Michigan, I also got my degrees there before heading out to Los Angeles. What followed was a little work on movie scripts and more in technical writing -- after working on a Mars mission proposal and a medical device, I seem to be an honorary rocket scientist and brain surgeon.

But here's a truly hard question: how good would any of us be at managing the unique abilities I write about? How would reading minds, or talking to wind-spirits, change how we'd walk around a corner... how we'd try to trick or beat down an enemy... or just how we'd look for a career in today's world?

That's one of my missions in life: to work out just what windows a touch of paranormal or magic opens up, and which doors it slams shut. The other is to let the reader see the same thing. In my stories you'll find characters trying to balance real world ties or ducking away from them, as they try to understand the secrets and the powers coiling around their lives. My characters are always human, not angels or vampires or other creatures that could never quite go back to a human life. And I think you'll find that when I want to ratchet up a scene's action, I don't hold back and I never, never play fair.

On the mean streets of magic, try not to read too fast.
United States
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