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Jul 1, 2022
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Keri L Salyers
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I've been writing for over half of my life, reading for two-thirds of it and now apologizing for bringing
math into a simple bio for about five seconds. Sorry. Though my arithmetic skills never improved that much, I believe my storytelling has definitely come about.

I gather my ideas from every day life—and sometimes the extraordinary and imaginative—and have long since given up going a day without a tiny notebook always on hand or a phone app for grammatically-disinclined

I might spend my time romping with dragons, tussling with warriors or trying to stay one step ahead of a
cunning rogue of my own creation but in reality I’m just an Oregonian girl. I like my rain and I like my coffee. You should see my book collection; it's spectacular.

Please find me on Goodreads at, follow me on Amazon at and check out my website! Tweet at me!

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