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I've taken down my old catalogue and will, by and by, set up the new version. Moving, adding and deleting from my library have made it impossible to check every single volume ... so I'm starting from scratch.
Be patient with me ;)
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Lovecraftian. Gothamite. Has seen the Yellow Sign. Cultist.
Inmate of the Arkham Asylum. Believes that Hal Jordan was the best (and pretty much only) Green Lantern. Loves her villains, otherworldy, crazy or just plain lunatic.
Animal Rights Activist.
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Llibreries: Cellar Stories Bookstore, Modern Graphics, comics & more, Murder Ink, Waterstone's

Biblioteques: Brown University - John Carter Brown Library, Brown University - John Hay Library, Marsh's Library, Providence Athenaeum, Providence Public Library, The Chester Beatty Library

Altres: Brown University

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