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Aug 28, 2006
Real Name
Same as my username, but with a space.
About My Library
Currently filling most of my lounge upon groaning, bowed bookcases. Although there are books dwelling in every room of my cottage.
About Me
I'm a 38 year-old IT Trainer who always has about three books on the go. (The photo is of Nabokov; I look much younger!) We've all had the bewildered looks and comments because we (shock! horror!) read. I usually respond by admitting that it is solitary, I know, but I do put books down and enjoy speaking to human beings, too. In fact, I can often be found spending many sun-soaked hours on my yacht, laughing gaily at the humorous prose of my favourite authors and tossing the book into the harbour with reckless abandon if I believe the person yelling at me to put some clothes on might, in fact, be a good conversationalist.

There could well be fibs in last paragraph. You decide.
In a village about 15 miles south of Bath, UK.