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Girl A: an astonishing new crime thriller debut novel from the biggest literary fiction voice of 2021 de Abigail Dean

The Post-Birthday World de Lionel Shriver

The Confession de Jessie Burton

The Green Hat de Michael Arlen

Student Guide to W.H. Auden (Student Guides) de STEPHEN WADE

The Black Book de Lawrence Durrell

The Prussian Officer de D H Lawrence

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Quant a miEx teacher, ex Human Resource adviser, now education consultant (hurrah!). Living very very happily, and married now, in Chelmsford with Liam and four cats (Desdemona, Pip, Ronnie and Reggie). Favourite things: books, films, music, holidays, Liam and the cats (no particular order).

New Year's resolutions (among many)
1. Read a book a week at least
2. Finish cataloguing books.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Literature, Criticism, History, Philosophy et al. One room in the house is devoted to books (one of the reasons we moved house) but, of course, they spill into every room. I have no idea how big our shared collection is but hope to soon find out - I have started with fiction and will be cataloguing them alphabetically - as this is the way they are organised on the shelves. I think it will take some time - but I am very excited about the whole process. Everything 'rated' has been read - although, some I have not rated because I need to read again to re-assess.
Nettle, in the picture, is 'resting' on the N-Z volume of the OED (not posed, I promise!)

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Nom realKaren Evans (library shared with Liam Robinson)

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