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Jul 8, 2007
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Lisa Shapter
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Primarily Fantasy and Science Fiction. Most of it is in storage, at the moment (I once had the mad idea of opening an SF&F bookstore), so this is just the odds and ends I have on hand.
About Me
My science fiction play "The Other Two Men" (Oz Productions) was performed at The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, NH July 14-15, 2016 (review:

My alternate history book A Day in Deep Freeze was published by Aqueduct Press. My science fiction short stories have appeared in Black Denim Lit, Expanded Horizons, Four Star Stories, Kaleidotrope, and in the anthology Things We Are Not.

I've lived a life surrounded by books: I was apprenticed to an antiquarian bookdealer, I had a very minor job at a major publishing house, and I've worked at several libraries. I love the dickens out of the things.

I'm working on a series of novels: one of them features a future astronaut (the protagonist of "Life on Earth") who adores science fiction and bequeaths his library to his colony planet (where the books become required reading).
Kittery Point, ME
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