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Matthew David van der Hoorn
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I primarily read fiction in the past, in Dutch, my primary language. However, since December 2021 I started reading non-fiction, in English as well. Since then I mainly read non-fiction and always in English. After July 2022 I started reading science as well, as my main method for developing my theory of education, more about this in "about me". Of course, most of the science I read is papers and theses and the like, you won't find them in my library here.

I primarily read books non-linearly (if they are non-fiction) to stimulate learning, hence why page numbers/percentages on where I am with a book will not be visible. I also read certain books syntopically, for projects, hence why I can read ~12 books at once.

Note: dates from books read before 2020 are likely very inaccurate, I only started tracking after December 2020.

Sobre mi

Hello, I'm Matthew David van der Hoorn, an 18-year-old writer, researcher, and developer passionate about efficient learning and optimal education. Inspired by the challenges I observed in the education system, I have dedicated myself to exploring innovative approaches to help learners excel and make the most of their educational journey.


My hobbies include, but are not limited to:

  • Reading
  • Thinking
  • Writing (books + notes)
  • Logic
  • Strategy
  • Programming
  • Drawing
  • Designing Systems

Book on Efficient Learning:

Currently, I am working on a book that focuses on efficient learning in an inefficient system, specifically tailored for high school students and beyond. Initially, I embarked on this project to support a loved one preparing for exams. However, I soon realized the need for extensive research and adjustments to ensure the book's quality and effectiveness. The book delves into key modern learning theories, with a primary focus on metacognition, drawing from theories such as Cognitive Load Theory and Inquiry-Based Learning. By presenting foundational theories and techniques for optimal learning, I aim to empower readers to study effectively, improve comprehension, and retain knowledge. The book will be published digitally, available for free, with potential plans for a print version.

Course Development and Community:

In parallel with the book, I am also developing a comprehensive cognitive retraining program under The Mind Academy. This course will enable learners to take control of their learning processes, reducing dependency on traditional teaching methods. The objective is to create a system that allows individuals to study efficiently, spend minimal hours studying, and achieve maximum comprehension and retention. Moreover, I envision building a community of learners inspired by the intellectual debates of the Renaissance and ancient Greek/Rome. This community will foster collaborative learning, aiming to drive innovation across various fields.

The 30-Year Project: Theory of Everything in Optimal Education:

Beyond the book and course, I am engaged in a lifelong endeavor to develop a theory of everything concerning optimal education. Inspired by Niklas Luhmann's note method and analog Zettelkasten, I am constructing a comprehensive theory that aims to revolutionize the educational landscape. This ambitious project is estimated to span three decades, allowing for a thorough exploration of thousands of sources and fostering networked thought. The theory seeks to create an antifragile educational system that can adapt and evolve over time. By reimagining the entire philosophy and structure of education, I aspire to create a self-thinking society and implement this theory globally.

Faith and Purpose:

As a devout follower of Christ, my faith plays a significant role in shaping my values and objectives. While my current research focuses primarily on (meta)cognition and educational theory, I plan to incorporate Christian principles into the philosophy behind my educational theory. My goal is to improve society as a whole and counteract the negative influences that hinder independent thinking and genuine intellectual growth. Recognizing the potential spiritual and worldly challenges in this endeavor, I rely on my faith to guide me in fighting dark powers both in the physical and spiritual realms.


In summary, I am Matthew David van der Hoorn, an 18-year-old writer and researcher dedicated to improving education through efficient learning practices. With a book on the horizon, a cognitive retraining course in development, and a lifelong project to create an optimal educational theory, I strive to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape. Rooted in my faith, I seek to transform society by encouraging critical thinking and facilitating the pursuit of knowledge.

Amersfoort, Netherlands
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