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I have eclectic reading tastes so my library includes classics, new fiction, biographies, mysteries and many Viragos and Persephones. I hope to have it all catalogued by September 2010. Lately I have been focusing on British domestic fiction of the 20th century. I constantly try to cull my shelves, but find it near impossible to do so.
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I cannot remember a time when I did not have a book in my hand. They have been my constant companions and I have had the pleasure of being a Bookseller in New York City for the last 19 years. Although any job can become routine after so many years, it still gives me great personal satisfaction to recommend a book which the customer later tells me they loved, or to see the joy on a child's face when they have discovered Harry Potter or Beverly Cleary and countless others. I have an MA in Humanities with a concentration in Literature. My current goal is to get all my books out of storage so that I can have them near to hand and also to cull them gently in order to donate them. Incidently, my favorite blogs are dovegreyreader, stuck-in-a-book, Savidgereads and Booksnob.
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