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Nov 26, 2013
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Lynda True
Sobre la meva biblioteca
Technical books, science fiction, and books that I'm sentimental about and can't give up. I also have a collection of various things ranging from 1550 to 1920. I often threaten to put them on eBay, but it's a lie. They're books. I don't seem to be able to give them up.

I've added an extra tag to books that are headed into storage. I expect that most of my science fiction (and fantasy) collection will end up there, for their own protection, and to maintain order. I'm indebted to the local bookstore that pointed me to the website where I can buy poly sleeves for my precious paperbacks.

It's, and the sleeve that fits most paperbacks is SPR (aka Regular Paperback Sleeve).

Before the majority of the books I've listed go into storage (in my house), I'm verifying the data and insuring that each and every item is correct. Since many of them are science fiction, I've been able to use the ISFDB to do this.

I wrote the above while I was new to LT. I've added more books, and am trying to buy only those I'm sure to read.

I've even opened up the case of random, non-science fiction books, to make a more interesting catalog. I'm nearly through with those works from the 1940s to 1970 or so, before ISBNs were in use. Interesting effects, including who shows up "On this day" (it seems to be affected more by the most recent entries, rather than the focus of a catalog).
Sobre mi
Because it's funny, and it will be easier to find this way.


Useful comments in the nightmare of redesign:


Helper link history

Notes are never temporary. I just don't seem to learn.

Notes for Eando Binder, when I have more time: (that's Otto in the photo; there doesn't seem to be a photo of Earl) (Otto) (Earl)

Here are random notes about Florence Louie Friedman.

Author: Dr. B. W. Vilakazi: Poet
Translator: Florence Louie Friedman, Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1973.

Author: (Jun 23, 2017) Zulu horizons by Benedict Wallet Vilakazi; rendered into English verse by Florence Louie Friedman, from the literal translation of D. Mck.

Married to Bernard Friedman.


I hope this note is just temporary. I've been dealing with an author, and I just have too much else to do to finish it.


Ah, Gene Wolfe, I already loved you. Here's a quote about his late wife (who died from, among other things, complications of Alzheimer's):

"There was a time when she did not remember my name or that we were married, but she still remembered that she loved me."



The link to my gardening thread is here.


Happy Birthday, Isaac Asimov (January 2): Here's to your eponymous school!

P.S. 99: The Isaac Asimov School for Science and Literature


Well, now I've seen everything. I like spending a few minutes, each morning, looking at the "On this day" births and deaths, to see if there's someone familiar, and to clean up (or add to) the "Links" section (which is often destroyed, for various reasons). This morning was Wendell Wilkie's turn, and I was amused (or perhaps bemused) to note one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Please note, that is NOT a fan site. It's a group of lawyers (Willkie, Farr, and Gallagher, LLP). Nope, nobody working there with the last name Willkie. Nothing in the "About Us" link either. Weird.


Originally, I said "I cleaned out my library, and have about 1/4 the books I did." LT has ruined that, of course. There are times where I just cannot resist adding another book, or (worse yet) discovered a new author.

Now that I've started using LT, I note that it is happy to point out when a title is duplicated. I'm a collector, not just a reader, and it's helpful to know that it's a duplicate, but it's not accidental.

I should add that I'm a purist, and prefer to add as much information about a book as possible, including cover art attribution where possible. I love books.


I upgraded my "other" account (@Lyndatrue2) as a quick way to provide additional support to LT. I even gave it a book.


I keep forgetting this one, so I'm leaving it here:

July 25, 2017. Look up titles, and find DDC numbers:

Convert Amazon ASIN numbers to various more useful things.
Kennewick, Washington
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